World Heavyweight Championship
Championship Stats
Created 09/09/98
Retired 06/23/19
Champions 37
Image Unavailable

The World Heavyweight Championship is the oldest championship in SACW history. It was established on the debut show of SACW on September 9th, 1998. The World Heavyweight Championship started out with the SACW logo attached to it, however in 2000, this was dropped and the championship was simply referred to the World Heavyweight Championship. In 2002, after SACW lost to the nWo at One Survivor 4 the championship briefly held the name SAWO World Heavyweight Championship.

The World Heavyweight Championship is one of two championships, the other being the International Championship where a championship reign for a superstar was reversed. This happened at Fall Breakout on September 7th, 2008 where then reigning F'Jorn had the title stripped and the change decision reversed to former champion Buni.

The World Heavyweight Championship is currently an exclusive championship to the Sunstorm brand.

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