Debut 10/25/13
Retired 06/21/20
Tenure 7 Years
Title Reigns 27

Wrestling History


2013 - 2014

Ugonzo made his SACW debut on the October 25th, 2013 edition of Friday Night Mayhem teaming with Loony and defeating Baloo and Rawral in a tag team match. Over the course of several weeks, Ugonzo would defeat superstars in singles matches, and would become recognized a superstar with the longest winning streak since debut in SACW history. On the November 22nd edition of Friday Night Mayhem, Ugonzo participated in a triple threat match and won the Extreme Championship and brought his winning streak to 5-0. Over the next few weeks leading to Majestic Massacre, Ugonzo would defend his Extreme Championship, further raising his winning streak. At Majestic Massacre, he would win the Trio Tag Team Championship along with Vulan and Grog and raising his streak to 9-0. Ugonzo would start the year 2014 off with several title defenses of both his Extreme Championship and the Trio Tag Team Championship. His streak would also continue. On the February 7th edition of Friday Night Mayhem his winning streak reached 15-0 when he defeated Korako in a match for his Extreme Championship.

With popularity rising and his streak becoming more known, superstars started stepping up to end his growing winning streak. Most notably Blue Moon who he would have two encounters with. The first encounter with Blue Moon would be on the February 21st edition of Friday Night Mayhem where he defeated her in singles action to raise his streak to 18-0. A rivalry would soon ensue with Blue Moon and Ugonzo. A month later on the March 21st edition of Friday Night Mayhem, Ugonzo's teammates Vulan and Grog would defeat Blue Moon and Dogzee in a #1 Contender's tag team match however after the match, Blue Moon and Dogzee attacked and took both superstars out of action. As a result, Ugonzo was stripped of the Trio Tag Team Championship. This move would anger Ugonzo and his frustration would nearly cost him matches as for several weeks leading to CyberSlam Blue Moon would interfere in his matches, attempting to cost him his streak. His winning streak would continue to grow however and he would also become the longest reigning holder of the Extreme Championship, beating Buni's record of 126 days. As tensions mounted between both Ugonzo and Blue Moon, it was decided that Ugonzo and Blue Moon would settle their feud at CyberSlam. Fans and superstars were allowed to vote and the results were a Grudge match. Where countouts and disqualifications can cost the champion the title.

At CyberSlam on April 27th, 2014, Ugonzo and Blue Moon would fight in a tough match with Ugonzo looking to lose the title and his streak, however at the end of the match, he had a burst of strength and was able to battle back against the dominating Blue Moon and win the match, bringing his streak to a clean record of 25-0. Ugonzo would take a week off and appear on the May 9th edition of Friday Night Mayhem defending his Extreme Championship in a triple threat match, defeating Rayne and Okran bringing his streak to 26-0. On the May 16th edition of Mayhem, Jawz would win a #1 Contender match and challenge Ugonzo for the Extreme Championship at Super Fall Brawl VII. On the May 23rd edition of Mayhem, Funloon the tag team partner of Jawz announced that Ugonzo would face off against Sunstorm superstars in three gauntlet matches. He went on to defeat each superstar, bringing his streak to 29-0. At Super Fall Brawl VII, before his match, Funloon came out and announced it would be a ladder match. After a impressive back and forth match, Ugonzo would win and retain his title and bring his streak to 30-0. However, Funloon was not impressed that his friend Jawz didn't beat Ugonzo and on the May 30th edition of Mayhem he ordered Ugonzo to compete in a 2 on 1 cage match against Rayne and Rackoonie. Even with interference from both Funloon and Jawz, Ugonzo still won the match and extended his streak to 31-0.

On the June 6th edition of Mayhem, Ugonzo would defend and retain his Extreme Championship against Jawz, however Funloon would appear and announce that due to a hidden part of Ugonzo's contract that he signed for his match against Jawz at Super Fall Brawl VII, that the next time he a match with the Extreme Championship on the line he would be forced to vacate the title. Instead of vacating, the championship was awarded to Jawz. An infuriated Ugonzo would then attack both Jawz and Funloon. On the June 13th edition of Mayhem, Funloon made Ugonzo face off against Dogzee for attacking him the previous week, however Ugonzo would defeat Dogzee via disqualification. After the match, Jawz and Funloon along with Dogzee would beat down Ugonzo, with Funloon stating that next week he would face off against Dogzee and Sharkey in a 2 on 1 match. However the following week on the June 20th edition of Mayhem, Blue Moon would offer to be Ugonzo's tag team partner, to which Ugonzo accepted and together they would defeat Dogzee and Sharkey in tag team action. On the June 27th edition of Mayhem, Ugonzo would defeat Dogzee in a cage match, after the match Dogzee would attack Ugonzo but Sharkey would run out to make the save. At Retribution during Sharkey's match with Dogzee and Funloon, Ugonzo would run out and allow Sharkey to win the SACW Heavyweight Championship from Funloon. Later on in the week on the July 4th edition of Mayhem, Sharkey announced that Ugonzo would face off against Funloon in a cage match as thanks for helping him obtain the win at Retribution. Later on in the night, Ugonzo would defeat Funloon inside of a steel cage, capping off the end of their feud and bringing his undefeated streak to 36-0.

Ugonzo would then switch to Sunstorm where he would appear on the July 7th edition defeating Joules in singles action. Ugonzo's time on Sunstorm would be to serve as an enforcer to Buni during her reign with the World Heavyweight Championship. A week later on the July 14th edition of Sunstorm, Ugonzo would team with Buni and defeat Joules and Bulldogg in a tag team match. The following week, Ugonzo and Buni would team once again and defeat Joules, Bulldogg and Rawral in a 3 on 2 handicap match on the July 21st edition of Sunstorm. On the July 28th edition of Sunstorm, Ugono would challenge the reigning National Tag Team Champions, Orion and Sputnik to a match for their titles, boasting how he could defeat both to win the gold, however Rosie would make her return and team up with Ugonzo and together they defeated Orion and Sputnik and won the National Tag Team Championship thus raising Ugonzo's streak to 40-0.

Superstar Statistics


World Heavyweight Championship (3x)
SACW Heavyweight Championship (3x)

Tag Team
World Tag Team Championship (3x)
National Tag Team Championship (5x)
SACW Tag Team Championship (1x)
Trio Tag Team Championship (5x)

Attitude Championship (2x)
Intensity Championship (3x)

Extreme Championship (1x)

Apex Championship (1x)


Triple Crown Champion
Grand Slam Champion
Year End Champion
Carte Blanche (2015)
King Of The Ring (2016) (2017)

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