Triple Crown Champions

The Triple Crown Championship is a special award given to superstars who have championship wins in three championship classes. Primary, Tag Team and Secondary.

Below is a listing of Triple Crown Champions. Due to championships changing classes over the years, different formats have been made to compensate

As of June 7th, 2008 there are 13 Triple Crown Champions

1998 to 2006 format
(One Primary, One Tag Team and One Secondary are needed)

Champion Primary Championship Tag Team Championship Secondary Championships
World Heavyweight World Tag Team International Light Heavyweight
Krabsea Jun. 20th, 1999 Feb. 19th, 1999 Dec. 19th, 1999 N/A
Brownee Sep. 9th, 1998 Sep. 23rd, 1998 Mar. 24th, 2008 Jan. 3rd, 2000
Nanko Mar. 21st, 1999 Jan. 19th, 2000 Oct. 21st, 1998 N/A
Dogzee Jan. 17th, 1999 Jan. 25th, 1999 Mar. 10th, 2002 Feb. 9th, 2000
Kazooie Feb. 27th, 2000 Sep. 23rd, 1998 Sep. 9th, 1998 Nov. 27th, 2004
Buni Jan. 30th, 2000 Jan. 17th, 1999 Jan. 8th, 2001 Mar. 7th, 2001
Wailee May 14th, 1999 Feb. 12th, 2001 N/A May 28th, 2001
Nowl Mar. 10th, 2002 Jan. 28th, 2001 Jan. 8th, 2002 Sep. 9th, 2004
Rosie Jan. 30th, 2000 Feb. 24th, 2002 Apr. 29th, 2001 Jan. 28th, 2001
Rowdy Rage Mar. 21st, 2001 Sep. 8th, 2003 May 27th, 2001 Mar. 23rd, 2008
F'Jorn Sep. 8th, 2003 Oct. 26th, 2003 N/A Nov. 1st, 2004
J'Korn Sep. 25th, 2004 Oct. 26th, 2003 Jul. 29th, 2007 Mar. 5th, 2006
Chetzo Feb. 24th, 2002 Mar. 25th, 2006 N/A Oct. 5th, 2001
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