The Streak: Rosie

One Survivor- December 19th, 1999
Victim: Brownee

The Streak's beginnings can be traced back to the first One Survivor in 1999. Kazooie and Brownee were in a vicious rivalry, feuding over the World Heavyweight Championship. Kazooie was originally selected to win the championship from Brownee at One Survivor, however Brownee had injured Kazooie during a match before the event. With Kazooie injured, SACW scrambled to have someone else fill in the gap at One Survivor. Rosie was chosen as she was a powerhouse superstar who had already made a name for herself in SACW. The original match finish was to have Brownee retain the championship against Rosie, however Kazooie attacked and injured Brownee before the match. The match finish was changed to Rosie winning the title.

Yeah, that is right. Kazooie threw the first blow onto Brownee which started a feud between the two. Somehow I ended up in the mix, and I believe it was because I took the title from Brownee. Originally he was scheduled to win, but because he was injured before the match, I was chosen to win.

- Post by Rosie on SACW Community Forums

If you remember, Kazooie attacked Brownee before the match at One Survivor 1. Brownee was injured and lost the title to Rosie, which Rosie's One Survivor streak then was born. When Brownee returned, Kazooie then had the title, and that is where it began.

- Post by Skorpion on SACW Community Forums

Rosie would then go on to defeat Brownee and earn her first World Heavyweight Championship reign and carve the first number in her undefeated streak. 1-0.

One Survivor 2- March 26th, 2000
Victim: Dogzee

SACW started off the year 2000 with being invaded by a federation called the SAWC. For the next several weeks leading to One Survivor 2 both SACW and SAWC would launch a variety of attacks against each other, superstars defected, titles were won and lost. Dogzee who was the leader of the SAWC began to torment Rosie. At first he made offers of joining their cause, of wiping out the SACW. But she continually rejected his offer, claiming loyalty to the SACW.

It was then decided that Dogzee and Rosie would fight at One Survivor with the winner deciding the fate of which federation. An All Out Brawl earlier in the night saw SACW picking up the win, giving Rosie momentum into her main event contest. Dogzee at this time was the current World Heavyweight Champion, and Rosie was intent on stealing the championship and sealing SAWC's fate.

Both superstars fought in long and tiring match, but at the end of the night when the bell rang, Rosie became the new World Heavyweight Champion and her streak extended to two wins and zero losses. The SAWC was dissolved afterwards and the remaining superstars were either let go from their contracts or went back to being SACW superstars.

So what is it going to be, Rosie? Are you going to be disloyal to the SACW and pledge your loyalty to the true wrestling federation, SAWC. Or are you just that willing to get your ass handed to you at One Survivor?

- Dogzee speaking to Rosie in regards to their One Survivor 2 match

One Survivor III- April 29th, 2001
Victim: Sharkey

Around the beginning of 2001, the WWE had launched a full scale invasion of the SACW. It was around this time that Rosie was injured by an unknown superstar, this superstar would later reveal himself to be Sharkey who was at the time under a fake Rosie gimmick. In real life, Rosie and Sharkey are twins, so this storyline was made possible for that very fact. Sharkey would defame Rosie and claim he was the true Rosie, even sporting his superstar name as Rosey. At one point he won the International Championship, he defended the title at Chaos on February 25, 2001. After the match he cut a promo about him being the real rosie and the "carbon copy" of him that he injured being dead. However the lights cut out and a tape played on the titan tron. It showed a sillouhette of what appeared to be the true Rosie and her voice telling him that at One Survivor III she would return and take him to hell. Over the next few weeks leading to One Survivor III, Rosie would play promo videos and taunt Sharkey.

True to her word, the real Rosie made her anticipated return at One Survivor III on April 29th, 2001. The contest was held inside Hell in a Cell and Sharkey's International Championship was on the line. In a brutal contest, Rosie picked up the win, extending her streak to three wins and zero losses.

And I am the true Rosey. I proved it tonight and I proved it a few weeks ago when I took out the carbon copy, that all of you think was the real Rosey.

- Sharkey cutting a promo about being the real Rosie after winning the International Championship

The only truth is this. At One Survivor, I'm taking you to hell.

- Rosie informing Sharkey of their match at One Survivor III

One Survivor 4- March 10th, 2002
Victim: Kazooie

2002 was a year of chaos. Marking the beginning of the Chaos Era. Rosie ran into the year headstrong picking up the World Tag-Team Championship with Buni. It was announced a month before One Survivor 4 that Rosie would defend her undefeated streak against Kazooie in a singles match. Both exchanged promos over the next few weeks, it came to be told that Kazooie was upset that Rosie was given his title shot back in 1999 and he has been plotting since to have his revenge upon Rosie, and what better way to do it than the very event she took his championship from.

Rosie and Kazooie battled at One Survivor 4, in a fantastic contest, with Rosie picking up the win via submission and extending her streak to four wins and zero losses.

It was in 1999, before the first One Survivor, I was given a title shot against Brownee. But YOU stole that title shot. And that is the reason, I have been plotting my retribution against you.

- Kazooie revealing the reason for facing Rosie at One Survivor 4

One Survivor V- November 30th, 2003
Victim: Rowdy Rage

With SACW's defeat at One Survivor 4, the nWo became the owner of SACW and created the SAWO in its place. Former SACW superstars started to rebel and formed an SACW faction within the SACW. Rosie was the leader of this faction. Rowdy Rage was the leader of the SAWO faction and was the World Heavyweight Champion when One Survivor V rolled around. It was announced that Rowdy Rage would defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Rosie at One Survivor V, and the winner would determine the fate of the SACW and SAWO. Rosie would then go on to defeat Rowdy Rage and extend her winning streak to five wins and zero losses. And sealing the fate of SAWO and restarting the SACW.

At One Survivor V, You and Rowdy Rage will fight for the fate of the SACW and SAWO, when he puts his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against you.

- Skorpion telling Rosie about her match at One Survivor V

One Survivor VI- December 19th, 2004
Victim: Buni

Rosie's sixth straight win at One Survivor VI is possibly the most controversial event in SACW. The Iron Man Controversy took place at One Survivor VI. Rosie and Buni had become involved in a bitter feud with each other. When One Survivor VI came around, Buni was the U.S. Heavyweight Champion with Rosie being the Hardcore Champion. Both put their titles on the line in an Iron Man match. At the end of the match with very few seconds remaining on the clock, both superstars had two wins each, Rosie ended up tapping out to a submission move done by Buni, however, the referee was distracted by a member of the Unstoppable Revolution who had interfered earlier and attacked Rosie. The match became a no contest and sudden death rules were imposed, with Rosie picking up the win. However this decision infuriated Buni, and Buni would continue to vent about this decision to SACW Management. She even showed a tape of Rosie visibly tapping out at the event in front of the referee.

It was decided that Rosie's win at One Survivor would be temporarily reversed, instead of handing her her first loss, the match was ruled a no contest, bringing her streak to 5-1-0. It was later announced that Rosie and Buni would have a rematch at Revenge with the match being an Iron Man match. A week before Revenge however, a superstar came forward and revealed that Rosie never tapped out in front of the referee, but behind him and the footage that had been shown was doctored. With this revelation, Rosie's win at One Survivor VI was reinstated, bringing her streak to six wins and zero losses.

Rosie tapped out, right in front of that referee. I even have the footage to prove it. She tapped out, yet still won the match. I should be, the winner.

- Buni talking about her loss at One Survivor VI

That footage was doctored, faked. You can clearly see Rosie tapped out at a different event. She did tap out at One Survivor VI, but the referee's back was turned, distracted by F'Jorn who had entered the match and attacked Rosie.

- Superstar who revealed Buni faked the footage showing Rosie tapping out

One Survivor 7- January 23rd, 2005
Victim: Baloo

During 2004, Rosie had a small feud with Baloo. The feud would reignite in 2005 when Rosie would win a #1 Contender battle royal match and face Baloo for the World Heavyweight Championship at One Survivor 7. Baloo and Rosie would exchange promos and even altercations and at One Survivor 7 both faced off against each other with Rosie picking up the win and extending her streak to seven wins and zero losses.

You caused a problem for me last year, when you gave me an injury. I hear from the rumor mill, that this sunday is the finale of SACW. If it is, I guarantee its the finale of you, as well.

- Baloo speaking to Rosie regarding their One Survivor 7 match

One Survivor 8- January 21st, 2006
Victim: Brownee

Brownee had won the Royal Rumble in 2005 and decided to challenge Rosie for the World Heavyweight Championship at One Survivor 8. At around this time, the streak was first noticed. Brownee cut a promo before their match and mentioned it.

I noticed something peculiar about you, Rosie. You are undefeated at this event, One Survivor. Seven wins straight, with no losses.

- Brownee referring to Rosie's undefeated streak for the first time

It was actually rather neat for Brownee to mention that, because the streak had actually gone unnoticed in the majority of SACW until One Survivor 8. We never planned it out, for Rosie to have a streak at One Survivor, it was just a coincidence that turned into a legend.

- Skorpion speaking about Rosie's streak at One Survivor

Brownee and Rosie ended up fighting a tough match at One Survivor 8. The match mirrored their first match in 1999, however Brownee was at full strength during this encounter. With a few near falls, Rosie was able to make Brownee tap out to a submission move and extend her streak to eight wins and zero losses.

One Survivor IX- January 21st, 2007
Victim: Brownee

With Rosie's streak now noticed, superstars set out to try and end it. The first superstar would be Brownee. Brownee got underneath Rosie's skin throughout the rest of 2006, and up near One Survivor IX where he demanded a second rematch at the event, to end the streak. Rosie at first was unwilling to give him another rematch, but over time she finally gave in. At One Survivor IX, both Rosie and Brownee fought in a hellish Inferno Match with Rosie picking up the win setting Brownee on fire and extending her streak to nine wins and zero losses.

We have fought at One Survivor twice. The first time I was injured, the second time I wanted your gold. This time, I want to end that streak. And at One Survivor IX, I will.

- Brownee confronting Rosie and telling her he will end her streak at One Survivor IX

One Survivor 10- January 20th, 2008
Victim: Sosa Bear

In 2008, Rosie was in a feud with Funloon. The original plan was for Funloon to face Rosie in a Hell in a Cell match at One Survivor 10, however, Funloon was released from his contract due to a violation. SACW scrambled to fill in a replacement superstar and Sosa Bear was chosen. Not everyone was happy about this, even Rosie herself, who was looking forward to facing Funloon at One Survivor 10.

At One Survivor 10, Rosie defeated Sosa Bear, retaining her World Heavyweight Championship inside Hell in a Cell and extending her undefeated streak to a perfect record of ten wins and zero losses.

Originally Funloon was meant to go to OS10 and face Rosie for the title. But he was released from his contract due to a violation sustained at a show, and the match was scrapped. Instead we chose the most recent main event superstar we had and Sosa Bear came up on the list.

- Skorpion talking about the reason Sosa Bear faced Rosie at One Survivor 10 instead of Funloon

One Survivor 11- January 25th, 2009
Victim: J'Korn

Rosie and J'Korn shared a rivalry towards the end of 2008, and Rosie was scheduled to appear in the 2008 Royal Rumble, however J'Korn ended up taking Rosie out of action, preventing her from appearing. He went on to take her spot in the Royal Rumble, but didn't win the match. Weeks leading up to One Survivor 11 speculation about who ran over Rosie with a car swirled and it was finally revealed to be J'Korn. A week before One Survivor 11, it was announced that J'Korn would face a returning Rosie in a Sanitorium match. Rosie returned at One Survivor 11 and fought J'Korn in a brutal match and won, extending her winning streak to eleven wins and zero losses.

It was last year, Rosie viciously attacked me after we lost the 3-Man Tag-Team Championship. So I attacked her, took her out of the Royal Rumble. Ended her career.

- J'Korn revealing he ran down Rosie with a car the previous year

At One Survivor 11, Rosie will return and face you in a Sanitorium match. Her career, is far from finished, though a blue birdie tells me yours, is not.

- Skorpion revealing J'Korn will face Rosie at One Survivor 11

One Survivor X2- January 24th, 2010
Victim: Nanko

At Frozen Solid on December 27th, 2009, Nanko won the 2009 Royal Rumble and the right to face a champion of his choosing the following year at One Survivor X2. After a few weeks of considering a list of possible champions, he set his eyes on Rosie. Both having respect for each other exchanged peaceful promos and had very little action with each other. Both would wrestle a memorable and fantastic match, with Rosie at times looking like she would lose the match and her streak, however she prevailed as she had done for the previous eleven matches, and won the match, retaining her World Heavyweight Championship and extending her undefeated streak to twelve wins and zero losses.

Unlike others who come out here and spew crap out of their mouths about how they are going to end the streak, I wont do such. But I can say though, I'll give it my damn best. I wont quit. I'll persevere. I'm strong willed. I'm determined. That's why I've survived so long in this federation. And this Sunday, it will be an honor to face you in this match.

- Nanko talking to Rosie about their match at One Survivor X2

Nanko, there are very few superstars that I respect in this federation. And I am glad to name you as one of those few. And I appreciate your show of sportsmanship, but I will do my best to make sure the streak is intact at the end of the match, when that bell rings.

- Rosie talking to Nanko about their match at One Survivor X2

One Survivor XIII- October 23rd, 2011
Victim: F'Jorn

Before SACW entered a dark mode in 2010, F'Jorn who has had many intense rivalries with Rosie, made comments alluding to him ending the streak at One Survivor XIII. When SACW returned to operations in October 2011, F'Jorn was granted his match in a 3-Series contest. The first match had F'Jorn and Rosie facing off in a Street Fight match. Rosie ended up losing this encounter, with F'Jorn being the first superstar to pin Rosie for the three count at a One Survivor event. The next contest was a Steel Cage match, with Rosie picking up the win, and making the score 1-1. The third and final match was a Last Man Standing match with saw Rosie defeating F'Jorn and extending her streak to thirteen wins and zero losses.

With myself doing so much in this federation, there is something I have wanted to do. End the streak, and perhaps someday soon I might just do it.

- F'Jorn talking about ending the streak before SACW's dark mode in June 2010

One Survivor 14- January 29th, 2012
Victim: F'Jorn

After F'Jorn's loss at One Survivor XIII, F'Jorn became a bitter shadow of his former self, and made his first heel turn since 2006. He wanted a rematch against Rosie at the upcoming One Survivor 14, however Rosie refused his pleas, on the grounds that he proved to her what he had, but still lost the match and she is done with rematches.

F'Jorn would infuriate Rosie by restarting matches causing her to lose, as he was the top champion on the Blizzard brand at this time and was the GM. At one point a match was taking place that would determine who would face Rosie at One Survivor 14, he ended up restarting the match, placing himself in it and then winning it. Finally after weeks of refusal, Rosie gave in to his request. However F'Jorn was not finished, he said that this match would be a Last Man Standing match and that there would be a special referee, Brownee.

At One Survivor 14, both Rosie and F'Jorn fought in one of the most brutal matches of each other's careers, with F'Jorn having the advantage the entire match, but Rosie coming back at the end and putting F'Jorn down for the ten count and extending her streak to fourteen wins and zero losses.

Last week, I was surprised by something. I saw a superstar who was intent on getting a rematch against me at One Survivor, actually abuse his authority and place himself in a match. A match that would determine, who would face me at One Survivor 14. It would have been either Blue Moon or nWo Bear.

- Rosie speaking out against F'Jorns actions regarding a rematch between the two at One Survivor 14

I didn't abuse my authority. I am U.S. Champion. I am the General Manager of Blizzard and I will change matches as I see fit. And since we're both on Blizzard, and so are Blue Moon and nWo Bear. I was well within my bounds to issue a rematch with myself in it.

- F'Jorn defending himself against Rosie's accusations of abusing his power

One Survivor XV- January 20th, 2013
Victim: J'Korn

At Super Fall Brawl VI J'Korn had cashed in his CITB during the World Heavyweight Championship/U.S. Heavyweight Championship match against Rosie and Sharkey. He ended up winning the match, winning both championships and they were unified, to end the Brand Split and begin the Brand Merge. This encounter seeded the match between J'Korn and Rosie at One Survivor XV. At Frozen Solid, Rosie would return to the SACW and went on to win the 2012 Royal Rumble entering in at #29. She later stated that she would make her announcement at One Survivor XV about who she will face.

After the World Heavyweight Championship match at One Survivor XV between J'Korn and Orion with Orion picking up the victory, Rosie came out and cashed in her contract. However she took a mic and stated that she wasn't cashing it in against Orion, but J'Korn, as he owes her a rematch for the U.S. Heavyweight Championship.

The match was underway until F'Jorn interfered causing a disqualification, however Skorpion came out and restarted the match with No DQ. J'Korn attempted to back out of the match, but was blocked by a returning Sharkey who ended up throwing him into the ring. Rosie ended the match and extended her streak to a perfect record of fifteen wins and zero losses.

Congratulations on winning. I did say as the Royal Rumble winner, I would face a champion at One Survivor, but do not worry, its not you. There is a superstar amongst us, who owes me something. The U.S. Heavyweight Championship.

- Rosie revealing the champion she will face

One Survivor 16- January 19th, 2014
Victim: Orion

Orion and Rosie would have encounters after the SACW restart in late 2013. In January 2014, Orion would boast about how he was undefeated with Rosie in matches, saying he has a 3-0 record. He would go on to say that it would be fantastic to be 4-0 against her at One Survivor 16 and also snap the streak in the process. Orion originally requested to face Rosie at One Survivor, but Rosie turned him down, saying that he should prove himself. Orion would later go on to win a fatal four way match where he earned the right to challenge Rosie at One Survivor 16. After the match, Rosie interfered and gave Orion an End Is Now and told him that she will see him at One Survivor 16. Over the next few weeks, both would exchange verbally heated promos with each other, and also assault each other at any possible opportunity. The feud came to a head at One Survivor 16 where Rosie and Orion went through a 20 minute match of fast paced back and forth action, in what may be possibly the greatest Streak match of all time. Orion attempted to do everything in his power, within the rules, to put Rosie away, but when the bell rang at the end of the match and the smoke cleared, Rosie stood victorious and extended her streak to sixteen wins and zero losses.

What I find astounding is that I have an undefeated record myself. Against someone who is 15-0 at One Survivor. I am 3-0 against Rosie. She has never beaten me. It would be fantastic, if I could extend that to 4-0 at One Survivor 16 and also snap her 15-0 streak in the process, rendering her, 15-1.

- Orion speaking about being undefeated against Rosie and wanting to face her at One Survivor 16

Fifthteen superstars had shown their worth to me, and I faced them. You haven't proven anything to me and a silly 3-0 record against me proves nothing. Your request is denied

- Rosie refusing to face Orion at One Survivor 16

One Survivor 17- February 15th, 2015
Victim: Joules

Joules and Rosie had a brief run in in early 2014 where Joules defended and retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Rosie in a ladder match, after the match, Rosie attacked Joules. Rosie would then take a break from SACW returning in July, winning the National Tag Team Championship with Ugonzo. On the September 19th, 2014 edition of Sunstorm, Ugonzo and Sully teamed up and defeated Rosie for the titles. After the match, Joules came out and brawled with Rosie and put her through the announcer table and took her out of action. Over the next several months he would boast about his accomplishment of taking out a legendary superstar. At Majestic Massacre on January 18th, 2015, Rosie returned and cost Joule's a match, after the match was over the two brawled. For the next several weeks the two exchanged promos and Rosie challenged Joules to a match at One Survivor 17. With Joules accepting. At One Survivor 17 Joules and Rosie fought in a tough match, with the streak seemingly in jeopardy, however when the bell rang at the end of the match, Rosie stood tall over her opponent notching her streak to seventeen wins and zero losses.

You say you want to put me out of my misery, give me an end. Well how about giving me that end at One Survivor 17

- Rosie challenging Joules to a match at One Survivor 17

I accept

- Joules accepting the challenge to a match at One Survivor 17 with Rosie

One Survivor 18- February 28th, 2016
Victim: Funloon

Funloon and Rosie have had some intense rivalries over each other's careers and at one point Funloon was slated to face Rosie at One Survivor 10 but this never materialized. However after eight long years, the match that everyone wanted to see finally happened. Funloon would finish the latter part of 2015 off by mocking Rosie's near year long absence and claimed that at One Survivor 18, that he would win the match by forfiet thus ending the streak since Orion had demolished Rosie at One Survivor 17. Funloon would then cost J'Korn and Sharkey the World Tag Team Championship and feud with both, starting with J'Korn and defeating him at Frozen Solid and placing him on the injury list. Funloon then would target Sharkey, Rosie's sibling and mock and taunt him, leading to a Last Ride match at Majestic Massacre which was won by Funloon. The next night on Monday Night Sunstorm, Funloon gloated about his win over Sharkey and boasted about how he would do the same to Rosie and their match would be a Last Ride match, but only the streak would take a last ride, since Rosie is nowhere to be seen. The hearse that had Sharkey in it, suddenly started up by itself and Funloon went to check it out, he went to the front of the hearse, and the back door opened revealing Rosie who attacked Funloon from behind, she then did an End Is Now to Funloon on the hood of the hearse and told him that they would meet at One Survivor 18. Over the next few weeks, both exchanged heated promos and indeed on February 28th, 2016 at One Survivor 18, Rosie returned and defeated Funloon raising her streak to eighteen wins and zero losses.

So how does it feel Rosie, to see your brother taken out and there is nothing you can do about it, because Orion destroyed you at One Survivor 17, he destroyed the very fabric of your existence and now, all that is left is your tattered streak, which I will break at One Survivor 18 as it will take the same ride that Sharkey took, a Last Ride

- Funloon boasting about ending the streak

At One Survivor 18, you will take a trip that the past seventeen victims have taken, I will take you straight to the bottom of hell, and there I will bring unto you eternal misery and damnation. At One Survivor 18, you will take your last ride

- Rosie commenting on her One Survivor 18 match

One Survivor 19- February 26th, 2017
Victim: Chetzo

Chetzo and Rosie had really never had many encounters with each other. Prior to late 2016 and their match at One Survivor 19 in 2017, they both had not been in the same ring together since 2007. It was at Magnitude on December 28th, 2016 that Chetzo laid out a challenge for both his Attitude Championship and Intensity Championship nobody seemingly was going to accept the challenge until glass shattered and Rosie made her way out, she would defeat Chetzo to win both titles and marking her first singles championships win in four years. Rosie would also become a record breaking 12 time Year End Champion, which infuriated Chetzo because Chetzo was intent on beating a lowly cheap superstar and winning the coveted Year End Champion spot. On the February 3rd, 2017 edition of Mayhem, Rosie would defend her Attitude Championship in a three way match, and Chetzo would interfere and cost her the championship. Rosie was speechless, but shrugged it off. The next week would see Chetzo calling Rosie out, however instead Skorpion would show up and state Rosie was not there tonight, however if Chetzo were to win a match that night he would face Rosie for the Intensity Championship the following week. Chetzo would learn his opponent was Brownee and the two faced off, but Brownee would defeat Chetzo. The following week Rosie did defend her Intensity Championship, however Chetzo would again interfere and cost her the match. The following week Rosie would call Chetzo out and they exchanged a promo where Chetzo challenged her to a Buried Alive match at One Survivor 19. Rosie was initially resistant, but Chetzo mentioned putting his career on the line, in a streak vs. career match which Rosie obliged to. At One Survivor 19, Rosie and Chetzo battled back in forth which saw Rosie's streak nearly come to and end, but with interference from Brownee, Chetzo was buried alive and Rosie raised her streak to nineteen wins and zero losses.

I am just infuriated that I did not become a year end champion. You stole that from me. Just so you could walk into One Survivor with those belts, but I prevented that from happening. And that is why I challenge you to a Buried Alive match at One Survivor 19. And for the sake of one of us losing something, I will put my career on the line

- Chetzo explaining his reasons and challenging Rosie to a match

So that is your reasoning? You are a big crybaby over losing out on the Year End Champion spot? I do admit I am in need of an opponent at One Survivor, and even though I would rather go after someone more challenging, I guess I could show you why you should have challenged someone less challenging. I accept.

- Rosie accepting Chetzo's challenge

One Survivor 20- February 18th, 2018
Victim: Chetzar

Following his father Chetzo's loss and retirement at One Survivor 19, Chetzar would spend most of early 2017 disparaging Rosie for ending his father's career. Rosie would return in May 2017 and would begin a feud with Chetzar that would last for several months, at Super Fall Brawl 10, Chetzar got his first one on one opportunity with the woman beast, however he was unsuccessful in his attempt. Their feud would culminate in August and seemingly everything had settled down between the two until Halloween Hellfire in October 2017 when Chetzar would interrupt a World Heavyweight Championship match against Rosie and F'Jorn and cost Rosie her championship and also put Rosie on the injury shelf. For the next several months leading into 2018 Chetzar would continue to disparage Rosie and attack her absence.

At Majestic Massacre in 2018 Rosie would return in a World Tag Team Championship match costing Chetzar and Sputnik the tag team championship. Rosie would attack both Chetzar and Sputnik after the match. For the next several weeks leading to One Survivor XX, Rosie and Chetzar would engage in both verbal and physical warfare with each other, at one point Chetzar suggested that he and Sputnik team together to take down Rosie in a handicap match, however Rosie's brother Sharkey would take Sputnik out of action to prevent this from occurring.

Their feud would finally come to a head at One Survivor XX where Rosie would battle and defeat Chetzar in a Hell in a Cell match and chiseling her streak to a perfect record of twenty wins and zero losses.

One Survivor 21- February 24th, 2019
Victim: Buni

While Rosie has historically avoided a rematch at One Survivor, there are several superstars who have earned a rematch with her. One of those superstars was Buni. Buni would defeat Rosie at her own streak event Super Fall Brawl in 2018 and becoming a little too confindent set her eyes on Rosie's streak at One Survivor. Buni would later in the year cost Rosie the SACW Heavyweight Championship, under the assumption that if she had asked for a rematch, she would have been turned down. However this was not the case, as Rosie stated that she was willing to do a rematch with Buni. However due to Buni's ignorance, she refused the request. Over the next several weeks leading to One Survivor 21 Buni would spar with Rosie over the rematch and even bring up their previous match and the controversy that surrounded it weeks after their match. The Iron Man Controversy. Buni would continually remind Rosie of that controversey and remind Rosie that Buni technically won the match, and ended her streak. However the win was stolen and given to Rosie. Buni would continually egg Rosie on until Rosie accepted the challenge, agreeing that it was time to not only end the controversy, but finish what F'Jorn had started and end Buni in an Iron Man Match.

At One Survivor 21, Rosie and Buni would engage in a brutal iron man match, that was originally scheduled for 30 minutes, but went on for 96 minutes. Buni would become the second superstar in SACW history to gain a pinfall victory over Rosie at One Survivor, however it was Rosie who would emerge victorious during a sudden death part of the match, establishing her streak to a record of twenty one wins and zero losses.

One Survivor 22- February 23rd, 2020
Victim: Rosie
For the last two decades Rosie was dominant at One Survivor etching herself a streak of 21 straight wins, in late 2019 Rosie would lose an opportunity at becoming a Year End Champion, eliminated by Chessy in a battle royal championship match. Several nights later on the January 1st, 2020 edition of Magnitude, Rosie would cost Chessy the extreme championship. Rosie would continue to humiliate Chessy for several weeks, costing him numerous matches. It finally came to a head at Majestic Massacre where they participated in a match that was ruled a no contest. However it was later revealed that Rosie did so on purpose, to goad Chessy into a match at OS22. Her reasoning being that Chessy screwed her over for the Year End Champion spot, and would take what she believed was rightfully hers, his Mountain Madness Trophy that he won at Deep Freeze '19 that gave him a shot at the SACW Heavyweight Championship at OS22.

Chessy initially refused, however Rosie's attacks became more frequent and aggressive. Eventually Chessy would submit and accept the match at One Survivor 22. But he made it very clear to Rosie that her pride over the streak would be her downfall, of which Chessy was correct. At One Survivor 22, Chessy engaged in a brutal Hell in a Cell match with Rosie and walked away victorious, handing Rosie her first loss at One Survivor and carving the streak into twenty one wins and one loss.

The Streak is just unstoppable. Nothing can end it, nobody can

- Kazooie talking about the streak

I was surprised when I learned she had an undefeated streak and I am glad I was there to birth it, she is one of the best superstars to ever grace an SACW ring and its been a pleasure to work matches with her.

- Brownee talking about the streak

I didn't realize the streak at the time, but now that I do, I can see why nobody has broken it. She just goes into a different mode of intensity at One Survivor. She is just relentless, she is resilient. She doesn't give in or up. And that right there is the reason the streak is still standing.

- Rowdy Rage talking about the streak

Having faced her at two One Survivor matches back to back, she is indeed one of the toughest superstars I have had to face. She was already tough enough, but at One Survivor, she brings a whole different level of tough.

- F'Jorn talking about the streak

Having been undefeated against her before One Survivor 16, I really thought that I could end that streak. I knew what I had to do, or at least I thought I did. She is just unstoppable, that streak is here to stay

- Orion talking about the streak

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