Team Championship

The Team Champions (also known as Team Title) was a championship created in 2004, that was for Stables to compete for. Between 2004 and 2007 the title was used by stables, however starting in April 2007, the stable concept was abandoned and the title was used for Slamboree vs. Blizzard matches at events and shows. The team title made its last appearance in May 2008 when it returned to the stables concept, after which it was retired.

Koka Kola Bearz (1) 09/25/04
nWo Bearz (1) 09/27/04
Natural Born Killers (1) 10/21/04
Unstoppable Force (1) 11/27/04
The Immortalz (1) 01/03/05
nWo Bearz (2) 01/23/05
Koka Kola Bearz (2) 01/21/06
Evolution Factor (1) 02/03/06
Bunnyz R Us (1) 03/03/06
nWo Reloaded (1) 01/19/07
Koka Kola Bearz (3) 02/09/07
Bunnyz R Us (2) 03/26/07
The Immortalz (2) 05/12/08

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