Survivalism is an SACW Yearly Event that was revealed in January 2014 and is scheduled to make its debut at One Survivor 16 on January 19th, 2014. The theme of the yearly event takes the name from the event in which its held as there can only be one survivor. The match is a standard All Out Brawl match, with all rosters from Sunstorm, Mayhem and WCW competing to win the 2014 Survivalist trophy. The winner of the match will receive a six chance shot at any championship of his or her choosing. Winning and losing a championship does not forfeit the chances, however winning a championship comes with a price. The champion will defend their title each and every week that they hold it until they lose it. Furthermore, at the following Survivalism event at the next One Survivor event, the Survivalist will defend their trophy in a Slobber Knocker match. If they win the match, they are declared a repeat Survivalist, if they lose, the match will shift into a regular All Out Brawl match.

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