Super Heavyweight Championship

The Super Heavyweight Championship was a championship that was awarded to Rosie at Payback on January 30th, 2000. The championship's original purpose was meant to be an inside joke at the time, since a lot of superstars who were in feuds with Rosie, would poke fun at her weight. However the championship became more of an iconic symbol of Rosie's 15 year warpath throughout SACW.

The championship was reinstated briefly in 2007 when Doffer was feuding with Rosie. Doffer would win the championship at CyberSlam on October 28th, 2007. Rosie had been defending her World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match with Doffer and Nanko, she decided to also put her Super Heavyweight Championship on the line, however her plan backfired and Doffer would secure the win and win both championships. Doffer and Rosie would feud for the rest of the month and Doffer put the title on the line in a rematch at Frozen Solid where Rosie took back the title. The title was not heard from again until the September 9th, 2008 edition of Magnitude where Rosie defended the championship in a battle royal that Sharkey won. Since then, the title has been retired and there are no plans to reintroduce the championship in the future.

Rosie (1) 01/30/00
Doffer (1) 10/28/07
Rosie (2) 12/16/07
Sharkey (1) 09/09/08

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