Super Fall Brawl

Super Fall Brawl is an event that takes place once every several years. It showcases the best of what SACW has to offer. So far there have been five installments, with a sixth installment scheduled to take place in May 2013.

Super Fall Brawl I took place on 06/20/99

Background: The event had a total of 7 matches.

# Matches Stipulations
1 Buni & Blue Moon def. Snowy & Cancar Tag-Team match for the World Tag-Team Championship
2 Galoop def. Rahlde Sanitorium match
3 Seel def. Cheetsa Singles match for the International Championship
4 The Miniatures def. The Misfits Team vs. Team match
5 Dogzee & Brainy def. Mankey & Pawne Tag-Team Frozen Alive match
6 Brownee def. Rosie 1999 KOTR Finale match
7 Krabsea def. Wailee Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
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