A streak in SACW is an accomplishment in which superstar amasses a long lived winning or losing streak at a particular show or event. Streaks are often short lived in SACW, however there are a select few that are long lived and even less that are ongoing.

Superstar Streak pages

The Streak Rosie
The Streak Mawne & Pawne
The Streak Ugonzo

Winning Streaks (Indvidual)
Superstar Start Recent Win Record
Pawne One Survivor 2; 03/26/00 One Survivor 22; 02/23/20 13-0
Buni Super Fall Brawl; 06/20/99 Super Fall Brawl 11; 06/24/18 8-0
Ugonzo One Survivor 17; 02/15/15 One Survivor 22; 02/23/20 7-0
Rawral One Survivor X2; 01/24/10 One Survivor 21; 02/24/19 6-0
Spice One Survivor; 12/19/99 One Survivor 22; 02/23/20 6-0
Winning Streaks (Tag Team)
Superstars Start Recent Win Record
Pawne & Mawne One Survivor 8; 01/21/06 One Survivor XX; 02/18/18 10-0
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