Sacw Interviews 2015

Interview with: Buni

Why did you retire and was F'Jorn your choice to retire you?
I felt it was time. Both my mind and body agreed that it was time to retire. And yes, F'Jorn was my choice. I had made that choice several years ago. A lot of people think that I didn't have a choice in who I wanted to retire me and that is not true.

Will you return, is your retirement only a short break?
I don't believe I will return. I'm not the type to retire and then come back after a few months. A one last match kind of thing could happen in a few years, but returning full or part time, that will never happen.

Interview with: Joules

How does it feel to be a victim in the streak?
Wonderful. People might think because I lost that I suck, I see it as an opportunity to be a part of history. I came extremely close to ending it this year, Rosie told me a few weeks after the match, that I came closer than F'Jorn did at One Survivor 13.

What's next?
I really want to get my career going, I'm going to shoot for a Yearly Event win this year, maybe two. That is my goal, win one of those four prized spots.

Interview with: Chessy

You've had quite the ride since your world title match last year, what is next for you?
I think people are finally waking up and seeing the potential I have. I may be a cruiserweight, but Nowl is a cruiserweight and he has been on top of the ladder many times. Batsy, Galoop, Pawne. All of them. What is next is a world title victory. After that, anything I want. Because once I get that world title, the path is clear, and I have the credibility to back up my actions.

Where do you feel like you are in your career?
I feel like I'm in my breakout period.

Interview with: Ugonzo

So your streak ended, and then you obtained retribution at One Survivor 17, how do you feel about those two events?
Thrilling? I was thrilled to have a streak and Sully was the only person I felt could end it. And accomplishing retribution at One Survivor 17 was great. Me and Sully work fluidly together, a lot of great chemistry, a lot of great things will happen between us. Stay tuned.

Where do you go from here?
Anywhere I please

Interview with: Rosie

So what exactly happened at One Survivor 17, when will you return?
I suffered a concussion. It was mild, but I was pretty dizzy and confused near the end of the match. Its just a sign of my career winding down. I will return in 2016 at One Survivor 18.

So how much do you have left in the tank?
I am at the tail end of my career. I think I have at least two more years left in the tank. When I hit 15 years, I was looking at retiring when I hit 20 years. Its still looking like that.

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