Sacw Interviews 2014

Interview with: Orion

How did you feel about your One Survivor match with Rosie?
Awesome. Only way I can describe it. She is a powerhouse, a beast. It was an honor to be able to wrestle her at the event she has made her home.

Any titles you have your eye on?
I was thinking of teaming with Sputnik at some point and going for the National Tag Team titles. Really want to flex my arms in the tag team division. Me and Sputnik might make magic against each other, but we make a whole lot more in tag team matches.

Interview with: F'Jorn

So you're retired, is that permanently?
For now. I've been in SACW since 2002, twelve years spent in the ring. I've gotten to the point where I've hit the ceiling and have burned out. I've done everything that one can do in SACW and I feel its my time to step away for a bit, recharge and relax. Maybe in a year or two, I'll come back for another run.

Do you think things would have turned out differently if your brother J'Korn never debuted with you?
Totally. My brother and I revolutionized the tag team division. We along with a few other tag teams were instrumental in the creation of the 3 Man Tag Team Championship and the recent Trio Tag Team Championship. Without him, I don't think I would be at the level in SACW that I am at now. Though I do wish he were at the same level, he's always stayed back a bit.

Interview with: Ugonzo

As of this question you are 36-0 a streak since your debut, how does it make you feel?
It makes me feel wonderful. Having a winning streak in SACW seems to be something of a rarity, but mine is a holy grail. I've been undefeated since October 25th, 2013, my debut. Being good at something and having a winning streak to back it up, the best feeling in the world.

Any particular superstars you would want to face in the upcoming months?
Well since I have a streak, there is another superstar who has a streak and it would be interesting to face her in a streak vs. streak match of sorts… Rosie. Maybe even keep my streak going until next year and face off against Buni for her 7-0 streak at Super Fall Brawl.

Interview with: Buni

During your match at Fall Breakout you were physically exhausted and winded. Does this condition have any impact on the future of your career?
Yes it does. I've mulled over retiring and my body is now starting to show signs of the wear and tear I've taken over the last 15 years. My condition could be downplayed as I wasn't ready for that match, I was, but I am tired. Exhausted. Ready to hang up my gear and call it a job well done with my career. I hope to have a few more matches left in me, we'll see when 2015 comes.

What is left for you to accomplish with your career?
Good question. I have asked this myself. I think I've done everything one can do, maybe I've done them a few times over. There is one thing I have left to do, and you'll figure that out when I return sometime in 2015.

Interview with: Brownee

What happened to your match at Super Fall Brawl VII and will you return?
In truth I wasn't medically cleared to compete in that match. So they took me out of it and I quietly retired. I took quite a beating at One Survivor 16 and I don't know if I will return. Its possible, never say never, as the old saying goes. I think I have at least five more matches left in me. But I wont come back on a constant basis like in the past.

If you were to return in the future, is there anything special you want to do?
Maybe win the King Of The Ring for the third time.

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