SACW Interviews 2013

Interview with: J'Korn

How did you feel about your OS15 matches?
I felt great. Especially facing Rosie again. I went all out in the match with Orion and was glad to see him win the gold. It might sound hard to believe, when someone says that, but when you put out a match like what was displayed there, nobody has anything to be ashamed of when they lose. In regards to facing Rosie again, that was unexpected actually. I was told I would defend my US Heavyweight title right after the World Heavyweight title match, but they didn't hint at who I would face.

If SACW were to return full time, would you?
Yes. I would return. I've been there with my brother F'Jorn since 2002, and I feel there is much more I can do for the federation.

Your favorite match?
The night I won the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time. Even though it seemed like it was a squash match, Nowl puts it all out. He is a very quick and agile superstar and is more resilient than people give him credit for.

Interview with: Rosie

15-0, how does it feel and any future plans with SACW?
Being 15 years undefeated at One Survivor is astounding. It was a very proud moment for myself, even if the match was kinda short. In regards to future plans with SACW, if it ever restarts operations at some point in the future, I don't know. Don't count me out of a One Survivor match, I'll be there. But in terms of wrestling full time or even part time, I don't think so. I have done everything, a superstar can possibly do. I think its time for others to have their turn in the spotlight.

Out of the superstars you have faced at One Survivor, who would you do a rematch with, that you haven't already done a rematch with?
Well if I hadn't buried the hatchet with Sharkey at OS14, I would have been interested in doing another One Survivor match with him. Though if the cards were played right, I would pick Nanko. So much chemistry between us at OS12, it would be even more magical to have it happen again.

Your favorite match?
You really expect me to answer this? I've had well over 300 matches in SACW and there are plenty of favorite matches. If I had to choose a match, one match… Monday Night Slamboree, 05/21/07. Funloon cashing in his CITB against me. I had just finished defeating Kazooie after putting my title on the line in an open invitational match. I may have lost my championship that night, but Funloon earned my respect that night, by stepping up to the challenge and defeating me. He also gave me one of those feuds that are one of my all time favorites.

Interview with: Pawne

9-0 at One Survivor, seriously? How does it feel?
Yeah its one of those streaks that is swept under the rug. It feels good to be undefeated at something. I wasn't totally expecting to be 9-0. Most of those wins are with Mawne, but still, its good.

Your greatest match?
When I won the 2009 CITB and became World Heavyweight Champion. Those two matches were the greatest matches I have probably had. I've had more than that, but winning the World Championship was something that I always wanted to do and I was able to achieve that goal.

Your future?
Is this question another way of asking if I'm considering retirement? I have entertained the thought. In 2008 I was actually seriously considering it. But I didn't retire. Right now, I'm looking forward to One Survivor 16 and seeing what becomes of that.

Interview with: Buni

How many more matches left?
One of the most frequent questions I get "when are you going to retire" as much as people claim to love me, they sure want me to retire and be gone for good haha. I see at least a few more matches left in me. I'd like to go 10-0 at Super Fall Brawl. So go figure how many "matches" I have left.

Your favorite feud?
I get the "favorite match" a lot, but this question, not so much. I've had plenty of feuds that were great, and a few that were… well I'm glad they are over with lol. But my favorite feuds? Well if I have to pick one… Loony. We had a small feud in 2007 that led him to taking my hardcore championship away from me at Devastation. That little s*** caused me quite the headache. But it was fun.

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