Sacw Interviews 2012

Interview with Nanko:

Your last appearance in SACW was at One Survivor 14. Any plans to return?
I get asked this question a lot. My answer is the same as Kazooie's when he retired in 2010. He said he would never say never, but would only return if the the time was right. I have no special feelings on returning, I did a lot in SACW and want to leave it at that. I do have a spot at One Survivor 15 next year, but that is a mere one night cameo, rather than something that will keep me around for a month or more.

What was your reaction to F'Jorn facing Rosie twice in a row at One Survivor?
I was shocked, I never thought Rosie would do another rematch at One Survivor. She did two rematches with Brownee. I think F'Jorn came closer than anyone else has to ending the streak.

Interview with F'Jorn:

How were the past two one survivor matches with rosie?
They were fantastic. I really enjoyed working with her throughout both matches. She's enough of a beast outside of One Survivor, but in a One Survivor environment, she goes into apeshi* mode.

Your thoughts on who Rosie should face at OS15?
There are a few names being passed around, but nothing has been set in stone. But if I were given the chance to name someone, I would name Nowl. He may not look like much, but he has done much. He's done probably far more than Galoop and Batsy ever did and those two paved the way for the cruiserweight division.

Any plans regarding your involvement at One Survivor 15?
No, there are no plans. I already notified them I am fine with missing a OS event. I actually am taking a vacation later on this year. Need to rest and recharge. But if something comes around that I like…. then yeah I might be at One Survivor.

Interview with Sharkey

So you and Rosie are actually siblings?
Yes, we are. She is my twin sister actually. Might not be able to tell the difference now, that 14 years have passed, but back then you could. Why they used me in the two Rosey gimmicks.

Speaking of the Rosey gimmick, will it ever resurface?
No, the gimmick died when Rosie threw me into the cement filled pit years ago. It was a popular character, I admit. I think that is why they signed me on for another run.

So are you basically retired?
I believe so. I did what I wanted to in SACW. I wanted to go all out at Super Brawl V and I did, even though I lost the match, at least I won something and that is not having to lose to Rosie again, lol.

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