Sacw Interviews 2011

*Note: All interviews were taken on 10/24/11

Interview with Rosie:

13-0 at One Survivor. How does it feel?

Feels… like my previous 12 wins. Just fantastic. I'm glad to have had such a long streak at One Survivor. Some ask me, will there ever come a time where you want to lose to someone and have the streak end? I tell them, no. I do my best, I put out all I can. I hope my streak continues. If it doesn't, than that's fine. I wouldn't ever do anything that would be me purposely losing something.

If SACW were to return full time, would you consider returning?

Depends. Originally I was going to retire after One Survivor 13. But those plans fell through. Right now I'm basically retired. If SACW returned to full operations, I'd rather see myself coming back every so often. Not putting on a show every week, every month. Have special occasions that warrant my participation. I do see myself returning yearly for a One Survivor event. Seeing my streak go 14-0 or even 15-0. That's an ideal step.

Will you ever have a re-match match at One Survivor?
I get asked this question all the time. Along with facing Brownee again. I can't really confirm or deny if there will be a rematch match. There is something in the works, but I can't say anything at this time.

You've gone for World and U.S. gold lately. Any chance of returning to Tag-Team, minor titles?
I have so many title reigns that would it really matter? I see at least one more heavyweight reign. I'm done with the world championship. Eleven reigns. Nobody has yet to come close, and the closest is Brownee with eight. Maybe. Whatever the cards show in the future.

Interview with Kazooie:

You returned! How does it feel being back?
I'm not back for good. I just returned for a one time deal. I've always wanted to win the KOTR. SACW kept calling me up and asking if I would want to return for a segment and gave me the rundown. I didn't like what was being offered. Than you have OS13 which could possibly be SACW's finale. I wanted to be there. I was there for the beginning, I want to be there for the end. KOTR win was an ideal solution and one more title reign.

So if SACW returns part or full time, will you return too?
I might make occasional appearances… but not full fledged wrestling every week. I'm done with that aspect of my life. I accomplished what I wanted to. And I've accepted what I couldn't accomplish.

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