Sacw Interviews 2010

Interview with: Batsy

So you retired, but then got back in the ring to face your longtime friend Galoop. How does this make you feel?
Not so good. I retired at One Survivor 12 by my terms. It was meant to be my final match in the SACW. Galoop was obsessed and still is. He thought that I was wronged and should still be wrestling. Its a real-life event that was turned towards the storyline making department.

I do plan now, to wrestle my final match at One Survivor 13. With no interference from Galoop.

Why the U.S. Heavyweight title and not the World Heavyweight title?
I really didn't have much choice. I did want to have a World Title reign up until One Survivor 12. But Rosie and Nanko's storyline was cemented and secure. But being able to face my longtime rival Cheetsa… that was something much more better in my opinion.

Can you give any sort of detail or hint regarding your final match at One Survivor 13?
Really can't say much. Even though I have talked with the storyline crew regarding crafting a storyline that will lead up to a final match at OS13, there's really nothing concrete yet. Although it would be nice to have a rematch with Cheetsa, or even have a match with Rahlde.

Interview with: Nanko

What are your thoughts on losing to Rosie at One Survivor 12?
My thoughts are, even though I lost, and I became victim #12 on her undefeated streak, I think the match was pulled off in a grand fashion and its a Match of the Year canidate. Or even a possible Match of the Decade canidate.

I went into the match with a neutral setting. I wanted to make sure I gave it all I had, and unleashed plenty of tricks and suprises. Rosie was one step ahead of me, but a few times I got the upper hand and it felt and looked like she would be 11-1. But in the end she became 12-0 and I think not only the fans went home happy, but we did too.

We saw you face off against Rosie at Retribution for a third time. Is this the final time we will see the two of you one on one
I've gotten a lot of similar questions regarding this. I think Retribution was the final time. But you never know. History has and can, and probably will repeat itself in SACW. Hell maybe even a OS13 rematch?

You stated on your blog you plan on retiring at OS13. Is this final? Any regrets?
Its my final decision. I don't have a lot of regrets during my career. I tend not to dwell on things that I can't change, I just make sure that if something repeats itself, that I do it differently than in the past.

Interview with: Chessy

You have a lot of Crusierweight title reigns. Any thoughts on adding a few top title reigns to your list?
I haven't really been in SACW long. Its been two years, but I do still want to branch out and win other championships before I get involved in more intense storylines that come with World Championship and U.S. Championship reigns. But maybe in another year or two, I'll look at becoming a top champion.

So you're the son of the legendary Cheetsa? How does this make you feel?
Makes me feel great. And to be following in his footsteps and also doing things that he never accomplished… even greater.

How long do you forsee yourself in SACW?
A while. I have been considering transferring over to MCW for 6-12 months. But that's on the back burner. I do want to focus on my current SACW career.

Interview with: Blue Moon

How did it feel when you returned and a few months later won the 2009 KOTR?
I was severly injured at Fall Breakout 2007. The doctors told me that I probably won't wrestle ever again. But I didn't let their words discourage me from my desire to peform. When I re-signed with the SACW, I was surprised that they had given me a KOTR slot. Usually this doesn't happen for superstars who return from an injury.

I felt I had accomplished something greater than returning from a potential career ending injury when I won the 2009 KOTR.

So you've been wrestling 12 years now. Any chance of a retirement in the crystal ball?
13 years actually. I was in the PWL for 5 months and then it died. Really 12 1/2 years, but I still say 13. I think I have a few more years left in the tank. I might take an extended break sometime later this year. But I do forsee at least several more World Championship reigns before I retire.

Would you consider facing Rosie at OS or Buni at SFB?
That would be an interesting match. Myself and Buni have won multiple tag-team titles together. Rosie and I haven't done much. I don't think I can topple their undefeated records, but I'm sure if I ever cross paths with either at OS/SFB it will be one hell of a match.

Interview with: F'Jorn

You've accomplished quite a bit this year already. Being the second superstar to obtain two KOTR wins. Becoming 3-0 against Rosie for the World Championship. What else is left?
A lot. I've been in SACW since 2002. 8 years. Even though its been 8 years, I still have a lot to accomplish. I want CITB and Royal Rumble wins to my career stats. I want quite a bit of things. And I want to end Rosie's undefeated streak at One Survivor.

You think you could defeat her at One Survivor?
I don't think. I know. I know what it takes to bring her down. I've done it quite a few times already. 3 times being for or defending the World Championsip. As the previous question said, I've done a lot. How about I cap it all off with ending the streak, and seeing Rosie become 12-1.

So any family going to come into SACW?
The only other family I got in SACW is J'Korn who is my older brother. Although I do have a sister who is working to get a contract with SAW. If the 3-Man Tag-Team titles are still around when she joins SACW… I'd love to win those with J'Korn and her.

Interview with: Nowl

So you've been wrestling since 2001. And you've made quite a few accomplishments already. What about RR, CITB or KOTR?
The deal regarding those three events, they aren't scripted. Its a free-for all. Brownee and F'Jorn's two wins at KOTR were out of luck. But I would enjoy a KOTR win. Cement myself in the very few who win it. Hell maybe go back and win it again. Be the third superstar to win it twice and the first to repeat-win it.

Any memories that stand out from others in your career during the Chaos Era in SACW?
A few. I remember this one time I defended my Hardcore title against Rosie, and I retained. Then five more superstars came out and challenged me. It was 24/7 rules back then. Basically what WWE had for their Hardcore title. It was a chaotic night. Reminded me of the night that 7 new champions were crowned with the Interational Championship on one night in 2000.

Are you and Tremp'd family? You two came into SACW at the same time, and were at the top of the tag-team divison together for a few years
No. We're just great friends. We're close enough to be brother/sister though.

Interview with: Kazooie

So its been a year, and any thoughts of returning?
No. I was in SACW since the very beginning. I feel that I did enough of what I could contribute. I might have even contributed a bit more than what I was expecting. Some people think I'm going to return, and I'm not going to. I don't have that drive to compete. I wouldn't debunk a special minor appearance. Anything can happen if the right strings are pulled. But another match, is out of the question. I don't feel I need "one last match".

Who do you think could end Rosie's undefeated streak?
Nobody. There's not one superstar that can topple her 12-0 record. Nor are there any superstars that will ever come close to topping her streak. She's unstoppable.

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