Sacw Interviews 2009

Interview with: Kazooie

Your thoughts on your son Effie in wrestling?
Effie has been wrestling since 2002 and I've been quite proud of his accomplishments. Remember that he was known as Prince Effie back when I was King Kazooie when I ran SACW as the owner. Also being a WCW World Champion, that is a nice addition to his already growing accomplishment list.

Retiring soon?
Recently I've been in talks with Skorpion and Gemini about quitting SACW. So yeah, my retirement is approaching. Of course I told them I want to make it happen at an One Survivor event. Considering One Survivor is the largest and most popular event. So figure out when I am going to retire.

Anymore World Championship runs?
I'm not going to give any juicy details, but there is something in store for me before I retire next year.

How has it been wrestling?

Interview with: Dogzee

Been a great ride. Retirement?
Never. Seriously. I don't want to retire. Wrestling in the SACW is non-stop and I want to be a part of it. Although I may take a break for a year or two in the near future. I will always return though. Guaranteed.

Any more World Championship reigns?
I'm not going to spoil it, but I believe there is a storyline in the works where I get a shot. But nothing is concrete yet. I would like another World Championship run. I had a great time with my first run.

Where's Brainy?
Brainy has been taking some time off from wrestling. He's a bit like me, he doesn't want to quit. He wants to continue. I believe he will return near the end of 2008.

So anyone else related to you joining up with the SACW in the future?
Not entirely sure on that one. I don't think so. But you never do know.

Interview with: Batsy

U.S. Champion?
About time I wore U.S. gold. My profile on the wiki doesn't show my World Title reigns, but it should soon. I enjoy being at the top and I have been.

Everyone had this on their minds when Galoop retired earlier this year. When is Batsy going to retire? I will quite soon. I haven't said this to anyone other than superstars really close to me, like Rosie, Buni or Dogzee. Expect this US Championship run to be my final title run.

One Survivor streak?
Having a tag-team One Survivor streak is quite cool. Batsy and myself were the only tag-team to have a record until Pawne & Mawne came along and now they are 3-0. Although someday I hope to come back for another One Survivor with Galoop and put both streaks to the test. Streak vs. Streak.

Interview with: F'Jorn

First time 3-Man Tag-Team champion, KOTR, Royal Rumble. You've done it all right?
In terms of getting those achievements. Yes. There's other areas I would like to accomplish something in. I've been with SACW for 8 years now. Back in 2002 I with my brother J'Korn roared through the tag-team division and racked some hard earned World Tag-Team Championship reigns to our record. But there is always room for improvement to my legacy.

What was your reaction when you saw Kazooie leave?
I was expecting him to retire. He had been planning it out for a while. Especially going all out at One Survivor. I don't want to sound rude though. I am sad. Kazooie is one of the greatest performers in SACW history.

Anymore plans for World Championship?
That's up in the air. There was talk of me doing some sort of feud with a few top superstars that would lead up to One Survivor 12. Or even to June 2010. Who knows though.

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