SACW Interviews 2008

In 2008 SACW began allowing fans to submit questions to SACW Superstars. In doing so this allowed the SACW Fanbase interact even more apart from the occasional polls that would allow fans to vote who/what they wanted to see at events/shows.

Interview with: Rosie

Why did you choose SACW as your prime wrestling spot?
There weren't really any other E-Feds to go to at the time ten years ago. WWE had a E-Fed themselves that was online and I could have gone there, but I have a strong dislike for WWE and chose to go somewhere new and help carry them on my back. Which I did with SACW for ten years.

What is the longest World Championship reign you have ever had?
Ha!. I have had quite a few long reigns with that title, and there have been quite a few World Championships. The longest I have had with the title was last year when I held it for 92 days straight.

Any plans for the future of your career?
I have asked this question to myself quite a few times. Lately I have been toying with the idea of hanging up my gear and retiring. I have been around for ten years, and that is quite an accomplishment. I do want to become a ten time world champion, so you should know how many more years I have left.

Are you and Buni friends in real life? Or is that all storyline?
Actually me and Buni are very good friends. We have had our arguments, which believe it or not were transformed into storylines. The great thing about SACW is, when you have personal issues, you never know when they may be made a storyline.

Is Brownee really "dead"?
No, he is alive.

So is everything in this E-Fed fluffy and cuddly?
No. There is a dark side to SACW. Nobody has been on it, except the two owners and the rest of the behind the scenes crew. And there has been a ton of effort put into it to make it be what it is today.

Interview with Orion

How do you like being called a "legend" before you are even one?
I haven't really heard that I am a "legend" although there has been talk about how much I have done in SACW that most superstars do when they become legends. I really don't feel I am legend material right now. I still have to work my way up the ladder and reach that shining belt high above.

How is it to hold more than one title at once?
Frustrating. You are always in matches where someone wants to take your gold away. That is what everyone is after when you are a champion. Even when you have no title, people are still after you since they feel you are a "threat" to their chance to become a holder/contender of a championship.

I looked at other E-Feds before making my decision on SACW. But none of them really offered what I wanted and SACW offers me what I want and more than what I want. SACW is a very flexible E-Fed and the owners are always willing to make deals to give you what you want to get to the top, but that all comes with a price.

What do you see for your future?
I see myself winning more titles, being involved with major storylines and keeping SACW the way it has been. The older veterans and legends are getting ready to leave the train behind and I and others are going to do what we can to keep SACW on our shoulders and carry it through its upcoming teenage years.

How did it feel to win the World Championship in only your second match in SACW?
It felt extremely good. It shows how much talent I have to be a superstar in this fed. I didn't know I was in a #1 Contender spot, but I found out that all new superstars are given three shots in their first six months for the World Championship. After that, it is winning matches and doing things to get to the goal of earning that #1 contender spot. So why waste those three chances and flush them? Take them, kick ass and win as I put it.

Have you faced Rosie or any other top superstars yet?
I have faced Rosie once. It was in a 6-Man Tag-Team match in 2006. And I have faced Brownee for the Hardcore Championship. I also went against Nanko and another superstar in a 3-Way at Fall Breakout for the World Championship. So yeah, I have faced a few of the top superstars. I think my next person to face is Buni.

Interview with Nanko

So what is your future with SACW hold?
Retirement. I toyed with the idea last year around this time and took a six month break from the ring. I returned in July with an exclusive contract. I am still toying with the idea and what I want to do after I am done with wrestling, there are other jobs in SACW. Such as managing storylines and being manager of shows/events.

What is one feud you think was the greatest you have ever had with one superstar?
I personally think the best feud I ever had with one superstar is Kazooie after we lost the World Tag-Team Titles to Brownee & Rosie back in 2001. He left me hanging in the match by walking out and left me for dead. In SACW, if a partner walks out, the match is deemed a 2 on 1 match. I waged a truly wonderful battle with him for nearly a year until I ended it by burying him alive.

What is your opinion on the dismantling of WCW?
I think it's a great idea. They put a third brand out when they beckoned more superstars to join for one last good run before the tenth year came for SACW. Those superstars will be gone by the end of this year and the new superstars will be the ones to carry SACW on their shoulders for years to come, just like myself and others did for ten years.

Who is the band who plays your theme song?
Alice in Chains- Man in a box. The original by former lead singer Layne Staley, R.I.P. 1967 - 2002.

Interview with Buni

Any reasons you haven't been on the title hunt lately?
Oh I have, of course I am now in Massacre Championship Wrestling, a secondary E-Fed and a sister to SACW. I am sure there will come a time when I am on top of that federation.

Will you ever return to SACW?
Of course, I will return to my roots. But I want to give myself time to explore. And besides, I think the superstars need a break from my carnage I have given out for the last nine years in SACW.

What is it like to have the shortest World Championship reign in history?
Rather interesting. I really never have put much thought into it, it was my first title reign, but definitely wasn't my last. Not sure one what it's like. It really doesn't bother me, I do have the third longest World Title reign under my belt.

Any plans of retiring?
Not yet. I will remain in the wrestling industry for a long time. I don't see myself retiring for a few years. I want to hold a few more titles, and even go for another SACW World Championship run.

Interview with: Baloo

Congrats on four years of brute power and dominance, got any plans to turn face anytime soon?
Thanks on the congratulations for four years of wrestling with SACW. I don't have any plans on being a face, actually I couldn't see my character being a face. I believe I'm one of the few superstars that are born to be a gimmick for their whole career. Being heel has it's upsides and downsides, but the best thing about being heel is, it doesn't take much to get respect.

Any World Championship reigns in your future?
Depends. The last I had was in October 2004, and lost it a month later to Brownee who coincidentally made it his 5th reign. Unlike what others think, it takes a long time to get a World Championship shot. You could see Buni get one right away, but she is a top superstar, me, it would take a couple months or even years. I'll be World Champion before the end of 2008, I'll promise you that ;)

What's it like in the ring with Rosie?
Stunning. She is quite athletic, even being the size of her, she can move around like lightning. I enjoyed being with and against her. The chemistry is there, not because we are superstars, but because we are on the same level of brute force and ruthless aggression. Even with her being a part of E-Factor during its few runs, was a great time.

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