SACW Heavyweight Championship
Championship Stats
Created 04/29/07
Champions 31
Status Active
Image Unavailable

The SACW Heavyweight Championship was established in April 2007 during the beginning of the Brand Split. Its original purpose was to replace the World Heavyweight Championship, however tensions between superstars on both brands, caused this storyline to burn out, thus the championship was discarded and the World Heavyweight Championship served as the top championship for both brands, until the U.S. Heavyweight Championship was reintroduced and given to Blizzard as a top championship, with Slamboree keeping the World Heavyweight Championship.

The championship was briefly reinstated in 2012 during a feud between F'Jorn and J'Korn. As of October 2013, it is now an active championship and is the top championship on the Sunstorm brand.

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