Debut 09/09/98
Retired 02/23/20
Tenure 22 Years
Title Reigns 50
Hall of Fame 2013

Wrestling History


Rosie entered into wrestling at the now dismantled PWL. She rose to the top slowly, but was able to gain two PWL Heavyweight Championships and one Universal Tag-Team Championship to her name during her tenure.


With PWL's death and aftermath, Rosie than entered SACW where she made quick work and rose to the top.

1998 - 2001

Throughout 1998 and 1999 Rosie demolished competition left and right. She earned a few championships and in December 1999 earned herself a shot at Brownee's World Championship at One Survivor. At One Survivor she defeated Brownee and obtained her first of many world championships to come and also became 1-0 of her many One Survivor wins to come.

In January 2000, her reign was challenged by Buni, a newcomer who was destined to make a large impact as well. This first altercation would be the first of many violent feuds the two would share over the next few years. Rosie accepted Buni's challenge and the two fought at Payback where Buni defeated Rosie to earn her first world championship. However Rosie issued her rematch grant against Buni an hour later and defeated her to win back her lost gold and start her second reign as world champion. In February 2000, Rosie won the 2000 KOTR match and became the second KOTR winner.

She kept her reign until a month later when Kazooie defeated her at Devastation for the World Championship. After her defeat she kept out of the world title picture, although two weeks later she won a battle royal and obtained a shot at the new world champion Dogzee at One Survivor 2. The weeks following their match, Dogzee attacked Rosie and ran with his tail between his legs. He said that nothing can stop him and her shear power alone is not enough to win at One Survivor. However he was misled as at One Survivor 2, Rosie went on to defeat Dogzee earning her third world championship reign and extending her One Survivor winning streak to 2-0. SACW took a break until the following year. In January 2001 at Revenge Rosie won the World Light Heavyweight Championship but failed to retain her World Championship. She lost to Brownee, another superstar she shared a common violent history with. One that would lead to two more One Survivor matches in later years.

Afterwards she kept out of the world title hunt while she dealt with another superstar Sharkey who would later take her out three weeks later. Rosie was injured and put out of action until One Survivor 3 and Sharkey paraded around as the new "Rosie" and not the carbon copy that came before him. However the real Rosie was watching and gave him a bone chilling promo, telling him that she will return and face him at One Survivor 3 in April 2001, and that he will not survive this encounter. True to her words, Rosie returned at One Survivor 3 and defeated Sharkey obtaining his International Championship and raising her undefeated streak to 3-0. In May 2001, she faced Rowdy Rage in a feud where she was defeated and lost her International Championship at Devastation.

In June 2001 she became embroiled in a feud with Brownee over #1 contendership regarding the World Heavyweight Championship. Buni had interfered in their match causing a no contest, proclaiming afterwards that she wanted a shot at Batsy's world championship. A triple threat contest later ensued but another no contest soon followed when Batsy himself interfered and knocked them all out, claiming they do not deserve to face him for his title. However the owner of SACW poof later made a fatal four way contest scheduled for Super Fall Brawl II for the world championship between all four competitors. But Rosie was unsuccessful and Buni won the contest. During July 2001 she became engulfed in a feud with Kazooie who too was looking for a contendership for the world championship. The two went at it in a no disqualification contest at HeatWave where Rosie won the match and became #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

However in August 2001, Buni took Rosie out of action for a few weeks, and later became #1 contender for the world championship. Three weeks later Rosie returned in a KOTR tournament and went on to Extreme Chaos to face off against Nanko and S'mores for the 2001 KOTR. However she was unsuccessful in obtaining another KOTR victory. Throughout September 2001, Rosie and Buni battled back and forth. Their feud finally came to a head at Halloween Maddness in October 2001 for a #1 Contender spot for the World Championship. The match was a Sanitorium contest. However Rosie was unsuccessful in her attempt.

2001 - 2005

SACW again took a break allowing Rosie to rest and returned in January 2002. Rosie too returned and won another #1 Contender for the World Championship. At Revenge 2002 she and three other superstars faced off in an Extreme match but she lost. It was after this that Buni and Rosie were paired in a #1 contender match for the World Tag-Team Championship they won the match and headlined Chaos 2002 where they won their first of many World Tag-Team Championship reigns together and also beginning a forging of friendship between the two that would last for years to come.

In April 2002, Rosie was informed that she would have to defend her undefeated streak twice at One Survivor 4. In defending her World Tag-Team Championship with Buni and also going head to head with Kazooie. At One Survivor 4 she retained the World Tag-Team Championship and also defeated Kazooie, bringing her undefeated streak to 4-0. SACW lost at One Survivor 4 and was bought by the nWo. SACW would not return until late 2003, where it invaded an SAWO show.

In September 2003, Sharkey returned once again under the fake Rosie gimmick and pranced around as the fake Rosie. It wasn't until a week later when the real Rosie interfered during his match and cost him a #1 contender shot against than world champion F'Jorn, a superstar Rosie would later have many encounters with and two One Survivor matches with in years to come. For the rest of September and into October 2003, both Rosie and Sharkey battled each other. It came to a melting point at Halloween Maddness 2003 when both faced each other in a Buried Alive Cement match. Rosie won the match and cemented Sharkey, thus sealing the fake Rosie gimmick forever.

In November 2003, Rosie would win a #1 Contender contest and would face the world champion Rowdy Rage at One Survivor V. At One Survivor V, Rosie defeated Rowdy Rage and won her fourth world championship reign, and became 5-0 at One Survivor. During December 2003, she retained her world title on a few occasions and fought in various feuds until 2004. In 2004, SACW took an extended break until September 2004. In September 2004, she won the U.S. Heavyweight Championship and became involved in a feud with Buni that would last the rest of the year. At Halloween Maddness in October, she defended and retained her u.s. heavyweight championship against Buni. However in November, she lost her u.s. heavyweight championship to Buni at Devastation.

Thus their feud continued until December when at One Survivor VI they faced each other in an Iron Man match for Buni's u.s. heavyweight championship. Although she won the match and claimed her second u.s. heavyweight championship and extended her undefeated streak to 6-0, the match was made into a scandal by faked video footage that would be shown a month later. This was known as the Iron Man Controversy. In January 2005, WWE had invaded the SACW for a second time. And they would go against each other in a winner take all match at One Survivor 7. However Rosie and Buni were still in their feud. With the footage shown, Rosie's win at One Survivor VI was temporarily reversed, however a few weeks later another superstar came foward and pointed out the footage was faked, so therefore Rosie's win and championship reign continued. However she than vacated the u.s. heavyweight championship and the title was retired and not seen again until 2007.

She won herself a #1 Contender spot for the world championship by defeating Buni in a pink slip match. At One Survivor 7 she defeated Baloo to win her fifth world championship and extend her undefeated streak to 7-0. However SACW was not victorious in its fight with WWE and folded at the end of the event. It did not return until January 2006.

2005 - 2009

In January 2006, Rosie was still world champion and was challenged by longtime rival Brownee for the world championship. Brownee alluded to the fact that if it weren't for his injury in 1999, the streak would have never existed. He said it would be an honor, to face her one more time at One Survivor and be the executor of the streak. Rosie initally refused but Brownee won a #1 Cotender match and they proceeded to One Survivor 8.

At One Survivor 8, Rosie defeated Brownee for a second time at an One Survivor event making her streak 8-0 and retaining her world championship. After One Survivor 8, Rosie and Buni became involved in a feud with the uprising superstar F'Jorn. F'Jorn repeatedly attacked both superstars and ran in during their matches. This caused tension between both and at Revenge in February 2006, F'Jorn defeated Rosie and Buni for the world championship. After losing her world championship she continued her feud with him and eventually they fought again in March, at Spring Thawout in a fatal four way last man standing match where she defeated him and two other participants and won her sixth world championship reign.

SACW again took another break and returned in January 2007. The weeks leading up to One Survivor IX Brownee became obsessed with his loss to Rosie at One Survivor 8. Thus he continued their feud and got under her skin on numerous occasions. Even costing her several championship matches. Finally a week before One Survivor IX, Rosie told Brownee if he wants a rematch, than it will be the final match. And it will be an Inferno Match. Brownee initally refused but, Rosie wasn't going to let him go that easily and continued to poke fun at him for his earlier two losses against her.

Finally he broke and accepted the match and at One Survivor, both fought one of the most violent feud endings in their careers. Rosie set Brownee on fire and improved her winning streak to 9-0. In February their feud restarted and both lost a #1 Cotender match for the world championship via a double count out. At Revenge, Rosie defeated Brownee and then world champion Kazooie to earn her record breaking seventh world championship reign. Being world champion she took a break from wrestling, only appearing sporadically during March, however in April she defended and retained her world championship again against Brownee who had won a #1 Contender match a month earlier. In May 2007, at a show, she had defended her world championship against Kazooie. However a superstar named Funloon who had won the 2007 CITB a month earlier cashed in his contract and defeated her for the world championship, provoking a feud between the both. Rosie would go on to Devastation in May, for a #1 Contender match against Cinnamon however she was injured during the match and lost. Funloon invaded at the end of the match and further injured her. Rosie was taken out of action for four months and did not return until Fall Breakout in September.

In September 2007, Rosie returned and won a #1 Contender match at Fall Breakout. The next night she challenged Funloon and won the match by DQ, but Funloon retained the title per rules of disqualfications and countouts. She focused herself towards the tag-team division with Brownee and they both won a #1 Contender match for the World Tag-Team Championship. At Halloween Maddness in October both won the world tag-team titles. This however was not the end of her singles title hunt. Another superstar Doffer invaded a match where she was defending the world tag-team championship and cost her the match. Her and Doffer exchanged a feud for weeks to come and it came to a head at CyberSlam when he defeated her and Buni for the World Championship.

In October 2007, Rosie was drafted to Blizzard. She quickly won her third u.s. heavyweight championship. At ColdWave in November she defended her u.s. heavyweight title but failed to retain it against Rahlde. In December, Rosie switched brands back to Slamboree where she interfered in a #1 Contender's match between Doffer and Barnie. She took Doffer out of action and her and Barnie would go head to head a week later in a #1 Contender's match but it was ruled a no contest. At Frozen Solid, both faced against then reigning world champion Chetzo where she defeated both to obtain her eight world championship reign. In January 2008, Rosie and Funloon restarted their feud when he interfered in a match and nearly cost her the world championship. This was to lead to a meltdown at One Survivor 10 however Funloon was released from his contract for a violation, and another superstar Sosa Bear] took his spot as #1 Contender.

At One Survivor 10, Rosie defeated Sosa Bear, retaining her world championship and brought her winning streak to a perfect 10-0. However the next night on Slamboree Sosa Bear won an impromptu battle royal #1 Contender spot and than challenged Rosie right away, after using underhanded tactics he won the world championship. During the rest of January and into February Rosie began appearing with J'Korn and Thumper in six man tag-team matches. The trio soon won a #1 Contender match or the 3-Man Tag-Team Championship and at Revenge in February 2008, they won the championship. In March 2008, Rosie was sidelined with a minor injury, however her teammates carried on the 3-Man Tag-Team titles and won several defenses. At Chaos in April 2008 she returned in an Elimination Chamber match which featured Slamboree and Blizzard brands against each other, but was not victorious.

In April 2008, Rosie fought in various matches, staying out of the title picture. Still healing from the injury that sidelined her a few weeks prior. At Devastation, she and nine other superstars went in a battle royal for the World Light Heavyweight Championship but she came out non-victorious. In May 2008 at Super Fall Brawl IV her and her teammates defended their 3-Man Tag-Team titles but lost them. After the match however, she took out both Thumper and J'Korn. Calling them losers and saying they got sloppy during the match. This attack would lead to an attack by J'Korn later in the year. During June, F'Jorn and Rosie once again became involved in a feud that would come to a stop at HeatWave when they were in a #1 Contender match but it would be rendered a no contest when J'Korn interfered and assaulted Rosie. J'Korn said the next night on Slamboree he assaulted her because she disrespected him at Super Fall Bral IV after they lost their 3-Man Tag-Team Championship.

However the next week Rosie found herself in another #1 Cotender match with Buni and F'Jorn where they won the match and faced the 3-Man Tag Team champions a week later, which they won. Scoring another reign with the titles. Later in the month at CyberSlam J'Korn interfered and cost Rosie and her teammates their 3-Man Tag-Team Titles. After the match both Rosie and J'Korn got into it, and were separated by Rosie's teammates. A week later Rosie and J'Korn fought in a cage match with J'Korn picking up the win. Later in the week on Blizzard J'Korn won a #1 Contender match for a championship of his choice. He grew upon the idea to bury the hatchet with Rosie. Him and Rosie along with Dogzee went on to win the 3-Man Tag-Team Championship, however they lost the titles at Fall Breakout in September. After the match Rosie was attacked by J'Korn. The next night Rosie was suspended by J'Korn after he had won the world heavyweight championship. It was a rule at the time, that the top champion of both brands would be the general manager of their own brand.

Rosie took time off during the suspension but switched back over to Blizzard, where she fought in singles competition November, when she won a #1 Contender match for the U.S. Heavyweight Championship against then reigning champion Sharkey. She was going to appear in the Royal Rumble however she received a text about an family emergency and had to leave. Her and Sharkey were involved in a feud that alluded to their prior feuds in 2003 and 2001. In December, her and Funloon restarted their feud which ended in a brutal hell in a cell contest at Frozen Solid, with Rosie winning the CITB that Funloon had won earlier in the year. However after the match and as Rosie was leaving the arena, she was taken out of action by an unseen driver in a car that ran her over. Rosie would not return until One Survivor 11.

During the next several weeks, many superstars were interviewed regarding what happened at Frozen Solid. It was until a week before One Survivor 11, that J'Korn came forward and admitted to running over Rosie. He originally planned to do so at ColdWave to prevent her from getting the 30th spot in the royal rumble, that is why he sent a fake family emergency text to her cell phone. He said that him and Rosie have had their issues ever since he was disrespected at Super Fall Brawl IV. He was brutally assaulted and taken out of action for an entire month. However, SACW owner Skorpion came out and informed him that Rosie was going to return at One Survivor 11 and they would face each other. Sure enough in January 2009, Rosie went on to defeat J'Korn at One Survivor 11, bringing her streak to 11-0.

During the rest of 2009, her and J'Korn continued their feud. However to Rosie's surprise Nanko the reigning U.S. Heavyweight Champion suspended J'Korn and gave her a championship shot at Revenge. However during the match at Revenge, J'Korn interfered and caused a no contest. Facing a release, J'Korn fought Rosie in a cage match on Slamboree and defeated her, retaining his employment. However he was barred from interacting with her, and any further incidents would cause his immediate termination. In March, Rosie went in a rematch for the U.S. Heavyweight Championship in a hell in a cell contest against reigning champion Nanko. However she was unable to obtain a victory. During April she faced off against superstars in a tournament for a #1 Contender spot at Chaos. She won the matches and went on to win an Elmination Chamber match and obtained a #1 Contender match for the World Championship at Devastation in May. However J'Korn resurfaced and kept egging her on regarding their previous encounters. Rosie told him that they could face each other at a later date to settle this once and for all, but J'Korn wanted to face her right then and there. But Rosie refused. In May at Devastation J'Korn attacked the reigning world champion Vipr causing a DQ that made him retain his title and cost Rosie the match. Rosie was furious and accepted his challenge. They made promos for the next few weeks leading to Retribution in June.

A week before Retribution J'Korn said that the match would be a Buried Alive Cement match. A match that Rosie is familiar with. At Retribution J'Korn went on to defeat Rosie with help from his brother F'Jorn. Rosie took time off and didn't reappear until September. In September Rosie returned to action during a promo with J'Korn. J'Korn had brought out a large cement block that supposedly Rosie was encased in. He said that anyone who dare disrespect him and his title reign would be subjected to the treatment Rosie got. However the lights went off and a gong hit and a lightning bolt struck the cement block, causing it to explode and Rosie returned rushing to the ring. She attacked J'Korn and told him at Fall Breakout, she wants him in a Hell In A Cell contest for his world championship. J'Korn accepted and defeated Rosie at Fall Breakout to retain his title.

During the next several weeks, Rosie and J'Korn battled each other, this came to a close at Halloween Maddness when Rosie prevented J'Korn from retaining his world championship. She cost each other the match, but he lost the title. The next night on Slamboree, J'Korn told Rosie he has had enough, that these childish games need to stop. Rosie agreed. Rosie said that at ColdWave they would fight one last time. A feud ending match and for a #1 Contender spot for the world championship. J'Korn said he knows of one match and that is a loser leaves blizzard contest. In November at ColdWave Rosie went on to defeat J'Korn, and won herself a #1 Contender shot against the World Champion. Later in the night Rosie went on to defeat then reigning world champion Pawne to become a record breaking ten time world champion.

Rosie would proudly carry her world championship through two defenses leading up to Frozen Solid in December. At Frozen Solid she went in a match for the National Tag-Team Championship against the then reigning national tag-team champions Pawne & Mawne. However she was unable to obtain a win. Nanko later on in the night won the 2009 Royal Rumble match, which would lead to a match at One Survivor X2 between both.

2009 - 2013

In January 2010, the 2009 Royal Rumble winner Nanko chose Rosie as the champion he wants to face at One Survivor X2. Rosie agreed and for the next several weeks they appeared in matches and promos. At One Survivor X2, they both faced off in a tough match with Rosie victorious and extending her streak to 12-0 and retaining her world championship. After the match, Rosie and Nanko shook hands and hugged. In February, Wailee and Rosie got into a feud and they headlined Revenge, where Wailee defeated Rosie for her world championship. It was at this point Rosie took time off, only making casual wrestling appearances and not appearing at events until June 2010 where she won a #1 Contender spot for the world championship. At Retribution she once again faced Nanko in a hell in a cell match for the world title, but lost the match.bIn July, F'Jorn started gloating about his previous wins over Rosie and how he could defeat her at a One Survivor event. He even obtained a world championship win over Nanko. However this feud would not materialize until October 2011, as SACW had ceased operations in mid July 2010.

On October 23rd, 2011, SACW resumed status and One Survivor XIII aired. Following their altercations over the internet F'Jorn defended his world championship against Rosie in a 3-Series contest. Rosie lost the first contest, and F'Jorn became the first superstar to pin her at a one survivor event. She however was victorious over the next two contests and improved her streak to 13-0 and took home her eleventh and final world championship reign. Rosie defended her championship on one occasion and at ColdWave in November her and Nanko were victorious in a tag-team contest. It was the events leading up to Frozen Solid that her and Sharkey once again became involved. At Frozen Solid, Sharkey defeated Rosie for the world championship.

In January 2012, F'Jorn became obsessed with his loss against Rosie in October 2011 at One Survivor XIII. He had the u.s. heavyweight championship he won at Frozen Solid in December 2011, so as General Manager of Blizzard and Rosie being on Blizzard, he made her life a hell. He restarted her matches causing her to lose, changed rules, stripped her of a championship she had just won. He told her he was upset about his loss, and that he wanted a rematch at One Survivor 14. Rosie told him, that he proved all he could at One Survivor XIII, but he failed, like the previous before him and that there would be no rematch. He continued to persist and get under her skin, until she finally gave in. She told him that she would face him for the u.s. heavyweight title. He said that it wont just be a regular match, but a match that he nearly defeated her in the previous year. A last man standing match and that also this year, there would be a guest referee. Someone that Rosie has had experience with at One Survivor. Brownee. On January 29th, 2012, Rosie and F'Jorn went into their rematch at One Survivor 14. Rosie defeated F'Jorn after along and brutal match. Raising her undefeated streak to 14-0 and winning her fourth U.S. Heavyweight Championship.

Afterwards SACW took a break and aired in May 2012. Rosie made sporadic appearances leading up to Super Fall Brawl V. It was announced that she would defend her u.s. championship against the reigning world champion Sharkey at Super Fall Brawl on May 13th. Her and Sharkey initated promos with each other. And Sharkey said that at Super Fall Brawl, he will end Rosie's legacy the same way she ended his years ago in 2003. A Buried Alive Cement match. Sure enough at Super Fall Brawl V, Rosie and Sharkey went head to head in a violent and physical battle. However at the end of the match, J'Korn who had earlier won the 2012 CITB cashed his contract and attacked both Rosie and Sharkey, dumping them into the cement and dropping the bucket of dirt onto them.

On the June 11th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude Rosie returned to action when she appeared in a gauntlet match against J'Korn on the main event of the show. J'Korn at the time was in a heavily involved feud with his brother F'Jorn. Rosie went on to defeat J'Korn, after the match it was announced that on June 17th, 2012 at Retribution Rosie would be the guest referee in the match between F'Jorn and J'Korn both who were fighting to unify the World Heavyweight Championship and SACW Heavyweight Championship, however Rosie would attack and knock out both F'Jorn and J'Korn, leaving the match a no contest. The next night on the June 18th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, Rosie teamed with Buni to take on both F'Jorn and J'Korn.

On the June 25th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, Rosie teamed with Buni in a triple threat tag team match for the World Tag Team Championship, where they defeated Seel & Wailee and F'Jorn & J'Korn to become tag team champions. The following week on the July 2nd, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, Rosie and Buni defended their World Tag Team Championship in a rematch against former champions Seel & Wailee, however F'Jorn and J'Korn would interfere in the match, causing the match to go to a no contest.

On the July 9th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, SACW Owner poof revealed that at HeatWave all six superstars would get their chances at redemption when they face off in an elimination chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship, SACW Heavyweight Championship and World Tag Team Championship. The two winners will be claimed as the new world, sacw and tag team champions. Later in the night, all six superstars faced off in a Fatal-6-Way Hell in a Cell match with Wailee picking up the win. At HeatWave, Rosie and J'Korn would defeat Seel, Wailee, Buni and F'Jorn to become the new world tag team champions, with Rosie becoming the new SACW Heavyweight champion and J'Korn retaining his World Heavyweight Championship.

This move would spark a brief but brutal feud between Rosie and Buni. Rosie and J'Korn teamed against Buni and F'Jorn on the July 16th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, but were unable to obtain a victory. However, Buni had injured herself in the match and was out of action for two weeks. This gave Rosie time to shift her attention towards Funloon, a superstar she has had several altercations with in the past, who had interfered in the tag team match the previous week, causing her loss. On the July 23rd, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, Rosie called out Funloon, but he didn't show up, however Orion and Sputnik showed up and taunted Rosie. Rosie taunted the back and challenged them to a match later on in the night which they accepted, however, Skorpion said that it would be for Rosie and J'Korn's World Tag Team Championship. Rosie and J'Korn would later defend but lose the championship against Orion and Sputnik due to interference from Funloon. Rosie attacked Funloon after the match, however Funloon escaped unscathed.

It was announced on the July 30th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude that both Rosie and Funloon would face each other in the main event. However Buni interfered in the match, costing Rosie the win. The following week on August 6th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude an enraged Rosie teamed up with J'Korn and Rawral and faced off against Buni and F'Jorn in a 3 on 2 match, however Funloon would interfere costing the trio the match. Rosie and J'Korn then teamed up against F'Jorn and Funloon on the August 13th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude against F'Jorn and Funloon, and defeated both superstars, Buni was earlier banned from the building thus giving both Rosie and J'Korn the upper hand advantage.

On the August 20th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, Rosie teamed with J'Korn and Baloo to take on F'Jorn, Buni and Blue Moon in a six man tag team match, however, Funloon once again interfered costing Rosie, J'Korn and Baloo the match. It was announced earlier in the night that at Extreme Chaos on August 26th, 2012, Rosie would defend her SACW Heavyweight Championship against Buni in a Sock match. At Extreme Chaos both Rosie and Buni fought a brutal battle, but Buni would secure the win, after interference from F'Jorn and Funloon. J'Korn also interfered in the match to give assistance to Rosie, but the numbers game had already begun and it was too much for Rosie.

On the August 27th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, Rosie teamed with J'Korn and Baloo to face off against F'Jorn, Buni and Funloon in a six man tag team match, but was unable to give her team the victory. On the September 3rd, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, Funloon was banned from entering the building, thus giving Rosie a reprieve, however she was told she would face J'Korn, Buni and F'Jorn in a fatal 4 way no dq match later in the night. Rosie was unsuccessful in winning the contest. It was announced that the following week on the September 10th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude that Rosie and F'Jorn would face off in an #1 Contender match to determine who will be inserted into the World Heavyweight and SACW Heavyweight championship match at Fall Breakout against J'Korn and Buni. However, Funloon interfered in the match and costed Rosie the match. Rosie grabbed a microphone after the match and told Funloon she has had enough of his cat and mouse games and it has to end, at Fall Breakout, it will end. That both of them will face off in an Inferno match to end this feud. Funloon rejected the match, however SACW Owner Skorpion appeared and said that the match has already been made and if Funloon doesn't accept, he will be fired. Funloon reluctantly accepted the match.

At Fall Breakout on September 16th, 2012, Rosie and Funloon fought a valiant battle in the Inferno match with Rosie picking up the win and ending the feud with Funloon. On the September 24th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude Rosie and J'Korn fought in a tag team match against Buni and F'Jorn. This would lead to a six man tag team match the following week on the October 1st, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magntiude where Rosie, J'Korn and Kazooie face off against Buni, F'Jorn and Brownee, however Rosie and her team were unable to win the match. On the October 8th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, Rosie and Brownee teamed up against F'Jorn and J'Korn in a tag team match, however Rosie suffered from an injury during the contest, and was taken out of the match.

Rosie would not be heard from again until Frozen Solid on December 16th, 2012, where she returned to action from her injury, entering #29 in the Royal Rumble match and won the 2012 Royal Rumble. The next night on the December 17th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, Rosie teamed with Buni and J'Korn and won a six man tag team match against Baloo, Rawral and Cinnamon. Rosie took time off for a week and returned to action on the December 31st, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude where she faced off against Kawooie, however she was unsuccessful in obtaining a victory.

Heading into 2013, Rosie and Brownee teamed up in tag team action to face off against J'Korn and Kawooie on the January 7th, 2013 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, however Rosie and Brownee came up short and lost the match. Rumors began circulating who Rosie would face at One Survivor XV since winning the Royal Rumble at Frozen Solid 2012. She stated that she would announce her decision at One Survivor XV. On the January 14th, 2013 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, Rosie faced off against J'Korn, Brownee, and Buni for in a fatal 4 way match for the Extreme Championship however she did not win the contest.

At One Survivor XV, Rosie came out after Orion won the World Heavyweight Championship in his match against then reigning World Champion J'Korn. However, Rosie congratulated and shook hands with Orion, and focused her attention towards J'Korn. She told him that they have some unfinished business, that he stole her U.S. Heavyweight Championship at Super Fall Brawl V. J'Korn protested and attempted to leave, however he was blocked by the returning Sharkey. Sharkey threw him into the ring and Rosie and J'Korn would fight it out. F'Jorn attempted to interfere, and beat down Rosie, however Brownee would appear and chokeslam both F'Jorn and J'Korn. Sharkey and Brownee then picked up F'Jorn and threw him outside the ring where he crashed into the announcer table. Sharkey did a Shark Attack to J'Korn and Rosie did the End Is Now and got the three count, winning her fifth U.S. Heavyweight Championship and extending her streak to a glorified 15-0.

After the match she embraced Sharkey and Brownee and Buni who had appeared earlier with the U.S. Heavyweight Championship and shook hands with J'korn.

Rosie was inducted into the SACW Hall of Fame on January 20th, 2013.

Rosie would appear at the SACW Finale Blizzard on January 30th, 2013. Orion said that he had a special superstar for her to face, and that superstar was revealed to be Birdsee who was Rosie's first opponent in her debut 15 years ago on the September 9th, 1998 edition of Wednesday Night Blizzard. Rosie and Birdsee fought a terrific match, with Rosie losing. However after the match both Rosie and Birdsee shook hands, sealing their feud from years ago and burying the hatchet.

2013 - 2015

After One Survivor XV, SACW entered a brief period of silence, returning to full operations in October 2013. Several inquiries were made regarding the status of Rosie and if she would return or not. Rosie was interviewed and stated that she would return sometime in December 2013, to begin the storyline leading to a match at One Survivor 16.

Rosie hinted at returning in December 2013 to begin a storyline that would lead to her having a match at One Survivor 16. Over the next several weeks, hype was mounted around Rosie's return in December, however, Rosie would instead return on the November 29th, 2013 edition of Friday Night Mayhem and defeat Sputnik in singles competition. After the match she declared that she was made General Manager of Mayhem as a reward of her fifteen years of continued service to SACW. On November 30th, 2013, on the SACW Community Forums, it was revealed by SACW Owner Skorpion, that Rosie would be an Inter Brand superstar, being able to appear and wrestle on both brands in SACW.

Rosie would wrestle sporadically for the next several weeks leading to 2014. During this time, Orion became infatuated her One Survivor streak and boasted about how he undefeated at 3-0 against her. He would go on to request a match against her but he was denied. Rosie told him that all the came before her, proved their worth and won that right to face her, however he has done nothing and a silly 3-0 record against her is nothing. Orion would go on to prove himself to Rosie as on the January 6th, 2014 edition of Monday Night Sunstorm Orion defeated two other superstars to earn the right to face Rosie at One Survivor 16. After the match was over, Rosie would attack Orion from behind and give him an End Is Now and accept his challenge.

Over the next several weeks leading to One Survivor 16, both superstars exchanged heated verbal and physical altercations with each other. Most notably on the January 17th, 2014 edition of Friday Night Mayhem, where Rosie would attack Orion after he and his teammates won a six man tag team match. At One Survivor 16 on January 19th, 2014, Rosie and Orion faced off in possibly one of the best matches of each other's career, as both went through a grueling 20 minutes of trying to put each other away. However when the bell rang and the smoke cleared, Rosie was the one standing tall, over the defeated Orion and notching her streak to 16-0.

After her match at One Survivor 16, Rosie didn't appear again for three weeks. She returned on the February 3rd edition of Monday Night Sunstorm and faced off against Pawne. This match would be the start of a feud between them where Rosie would attempt to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship for a record breaking 12th time. During this time the 2014 KOTR winner nWo Bear also showed interest in claiming the World Heavyweight Championship. All three superstars waged a feud with each other that led to a match at Revenge on February 16th, 2014. At Revenge, Pawne defeated both Rosie and nWo Bear to retain his title. The next night on the February 17th edition of Monday Night Sunstorm, Rosie and nWo Bear faced off in a singles match that would ignite their own feud between each other to determine the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Over the next several weeks leading to Chaos, Rosie would battle nWo Bear and his stable members of the nWo Bearz. Rosie being victorious in each encounter, nWo Bear was relentless however and challenged Rosie to a Loser Leaves Brand match on the March 10th edition of Monday Night Sunstorm which Rosie accepted. During the match the nWo Bearz attempted to cost Rosie the match, however she resisted their attempts and defeated nWo Bear earning her place as the #1 Contender.

At Chaos on March 16th, 2014, Rosie and Pawne fought in an intricate and fast paced match for the World Heavyweight Championship, but Pawne retained the title. After the match Sarek returned and cashed in his first chance, restarting the match. All three superstars unleashed more chaos on each other, but Pawne once again retained the title. The following night on the March 17th edition of Sunstorm, Rosie and Sarek teamed together in a tag team match but were defeated by their opponents Pawne and Mawne. However after the match, Sarek attacked and put Rosie through the announcer table, and Rosie didn't appear for a few weeks to heal from a minor injury sustained at Chaos. On the April 7th edition of Sunstorm, Rosie returned to action in a No DQ match against Sarek, however she lost the match when Cinnamon interfered and helped Sarek obtain the win. The next week on the April 14th edition of Sunstorm, Rosie defeated both Pawne and Cinnamon in a triple threat match. After the match she put Cinnamon through the announcer table, taking him out of action. On the April 21st edition of Sunstorm it was announced that Rosie and Pawne would compete in a Loser Leaves Brand #1 Contender match. Both superstars fought a great match, and Rosie defeated Pawne, earning herself a match against the then reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Joules. At CyberSlam, Rosie and Joules fought a tough match with each other, however her 12th reign as World Champion was not to be and she lost the match. After her match at CyberSlam, Rosie announced that she would be taking an extended break from SACW and would return when the time is right.

Rosie would make her return on the July 28th edition of Sunstorm where she teamed with Ugonzo and defeated Orion and Sputnik to win the National Tag Team Championship. The next week on the August 4th edition of Sunstorm, Rosie and Buni teamed together and defeated Chessy and Sarek. At Anarchy on August 24th, 2014, Rosie and Ugonzo defeated Orion and Sputnik in a tag team match, retaining their National Tag Team Championship. However this title run wasn't meant to last, as on the September 15th edition of Sunstorm, Ugonzo turned on Rosie and allied with Sully defeating Rosie for the National Tag Team Championship. After the match, Joules came out and brutally assaulted Rosie, and Rosie was taken away on a stretcher. Rosie would not be seen or heard again for the rest of 2014.

Joules would continue to boast and gloat about how he took down SACW's biggest superstars for the rest of 2014 and into 2015. However at Majestic Massacre on January 18th, 2015, Rosie made her return interfering in Joules match against Skorpion for the Extreme Championship causing him to lose. After the match, Rosie assaulted Joules and had to be pulled away by security. The next night on the January 19th edition of Sunstorm, Rosie again interfered in a match between Joules and Sully for the Intensity Championship causing Joules to lose. After the match, Joules ran through the crowd, with Rosie taunting him. The next week on the January 26th edition of Sunstorm, Joules came out and demanded an answer from Rosie for his two consecutive losses. Joules went on about ending Rosie several months prior and that the only reason she does her hit and run tactics is because she is too afraid to step into the ring with him and be put away for good. Rosie would come out and tell him that he boasted and gloated about how he put away an SACW legend, and wants to give him a chance to do it for good. At One Survivor. It was later announced that Joules and Rosie would indeed face off against each other at One Survivor 17.

At One Survivor 17, Rosie and Joules fought in a valiant match between each other, Joules had the upper hand throughout the match, and Rosie seemingly was on the verge of losing her streak, however she fought back and put Joules down and extended her streak to 17-0. After the match she collapsed in the ring and was carted out of the arena. Rosie would stay out of action for the rest of 2015. Rosie would later reveal during an SACW Interview that she suffered a concussion and was injured prior to the match and would take a year off and return around One Survivor 18 in 2016.

2016 - 2017

Rosie had not been seen nor heard from since her match at One Survivor 17 in 2015. In 2016 Funloon started to reminisce about the time he was slated to face Rosie at One Survivor 10, but never got the chance. He said that it was a good thing because the streak would have never made it to 17-0. He wondered where Rosie was, and what it would take to bring her back so he can become the first superstar to end the streak. For several weeks he would call Rosie out but she wouldn't show up. Finally he took to attacking Rosie's brother Sharkey over the course of January 2016 which led to a Last Ride match at Majestic Massacre '16 which Funloon won. The next night on the February 1st, 2016 edition of Sunstorm, Funloon would bring out the hearse that Sharkey was in the night before, mocking Sharkey and Mocking Rosie. Suddenly the hearse started and drove towards the ring. Funloon perplexed, investigated, with his back turned to the door of the hearse, it opened thus revealing Rosie who attacked him. Rosie would do an End Is Now to Funloon on top of the hearse and tell him that he accepts his challenge to a match at One Survivor 18.

Throughout February 2016 leading to their match, Funloon and Rosie would exchange barbs between each other, Funloon decided to make the match a Last Ride match so that Rosie and her streak could take a "last ride". However at One Survivor 18 it was Funloon who ended up taking a last ride and Rosie standing tall to bring her streak to 18-0.

Superstar Statistics

Signature Moves


Finishing Moves

Super Kick
End Is Now
Thorn Grip

Entrance Music

Fuel - Metallica (1998 - 2000)
Glass Shatters- Disturbed (2001 - 2015)


World Heavyweight Championship (12x)
SACW Heavyweight Championship (2x)
U.S. Heavyweight Championship (5x)

Tag Team
World Tag-Team Championship (8x)
National Tag Team Championship (2x)
3-Man Tag-Team Championship (6x)
Trio Tag Team Championship (2x)

Light Heavyweight Championship (2x)
International Championship (1x)
Attitude Championship (1x)
Intensity Championship (1x)

Intercontinental Championship (1x)
Hardcore Championship (3x)
T.V. Championship (2x)

Super Heavyweight Championship (2x)


Triple Crown Champion
Grand Slam Champion
Year End Champion
King Of The Ring (2000)
Carte Blanche (2008)
Royal Rumble (2006) (2012)

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