Revenge is an annual event that usually takes place the month after One Survivor. Its original name was One Survivor: Revenge, hence it held a few One Survivor rematches over the years.

Revenge 1999
Revenge 2001
Revenge 2002
Revenge 2006
Revenge 2007
Revenge 2008
Revenge 2009
Revenge 2010

The inaugural event took place on January 17th, 1999.

Background: The match card contained seven matches

# Matches Stipulations Notes
1 Seel & Wailee def. Panthar & Panthee Tag-Team match
2 Nanko def. Brainy Belt on a pole match for the International Championship
3 Buni & Blue Moon def. Galoop & Batsy Tag-Team match for the World Tag-Team Championship
4 Birdsee def. Skrappy Buried Alive match
5 Rosie def. Barnie Sanitorium match for the T.V. Championship
6 Krabsea & Claude vs. Cheetsa & Rahlde Tag-Team Buried Alive match Match was declared a no contest
7 Dogzee def. Brownee Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Championship
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