One Survivor Xiii

One Survivor XIII was the thirtheenth installment in the annual One Survivor event. Originally scheduled to take place on January 23rd, 2011, it was postponed to October 23rd, 2011 after SACW had ceased operations in October 2010.

The tagline for the event was "Blast from the Past" as stated in a message from Skorpion regarding the event that was going to take place:

"I've always enjoyed the past coming back for one last hurrah in SACW. Its fun, exciting and at times just thrilling. One Survivor 13 will blow all past 12 One Survivors out of the water. You're going to see the seeds planted this year that will lead to a pretty exciting and thrilling culmination in January 2011."

Background: One Survivor XIII featured 7 matches all being under Slamboree and Blizzard brands. The event also featured the 2011 KOTR.

# Matches Stipulations
1 Kazooie def. Koroki, F'Jorn, Leepeard, Maroon, Okran, Nowl, Rowdy Rage, Wailee, and Brownee 10-Man Battle Royal for the 2011 KOTR
2 Dogzee & Doggay def. Thumper & Cinnamon (c) Tag-Team Match for the National Tag-Team Championship
3 Jawz (c) def. Bellon and Bulldogg Extreme 3-Way match for the World Light Heavyweight Championship
4 nWo Bear & S'mores def. Buni & Blue Moon Tag-Team Match
5 Pawne & Mawne def. Trowl & Granite (c) Tag-Team match for the World Tag-Team Championship
6 Kazooie def. Rowdy Rage (c) Singles match for the U.S. Heavyweight Championship
7 Rosie def. F'Jorn (c) 3 Series match for the World Heavyweight Championship
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