One Survivor Vi

One Survivor VI was an SACW event that took place on December 19th, 2004.

This was the second and final appearance that the nWo made in the SACW. It was later revealed after One Survivor 8 both attacks by the nWo were planned by WWE. WWE was jealous and hellbent on purchasing the SACW.

Background: One Survivor VI featured 8 matches The tagline for the event was SACW vs. nWo II

# Matches Stipulations
1 Skrappy def. Nowl, Brainy, Cheetsa and Galoop 5-Man Battle Royal for SACW Cruiserweight Championship
2 Mankey def. Rahlde, Rowdy Rage, nWo Bear, Loke'r, and Mabel Fatal-6-Way match for SACW T.V. Championship
3 F'Jorn & J'Korn def. Blue Moon & Tremp'd and Seel & Wailee Triple Threat Tag-Team match for SACW Tag-Team Championship
4 Bunnyz R Us def. The Immortalz and Kittenz R Us Triple Threat 6-Man Tag-Team for 3-Man Tag-Team Championship
5 F'Jorn def. Kazooie and Charm Triple Threat Casket match for SACW World Light Heavyweight Championship
6 Brownee def. Baloo Hell in a Cell match for SACW World Heavyweight Championship
7 Rosie def. Buni Title vs. Title Iron Man match
8 Team SACW def. Team nWo All Out Brawl
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