One Survivor V

One Survivor V was the fifth annual One Survivor event. It took place on November 30th, 2003 and December 1st, 2003. One Survivor V is most notable for being the only One Survivor event to take place on two different dates and have a total of 15 matches as well as being thus far the only One Survivor to take advantage of a scoring system that would determine the winner in the 15th match.

Background: One Survivor V featured 15 matches. The tagline for the event was: SACW vs. SAWO. The SAWO was the original SACW that was under nWo control, after SACW's defeat at One Survivor 4. SACW was an organization with SAWO defectors that were original SACW superstars.

November 30th Match Card Results

# Matches Stipulations Score
1 Galoop def. Oreo 2003 KOTR Match 1 SACW 0pts ; SAWO 5pts
2 Nowl def. Squirn, Mabel, Tremp'd Extreme Fatal-4-Way for the T.V. Championship SACW 10pts ; nWo 5pts
3 Batsy def. Loke'r 2003 KOTR Match 2 SACW 15pts ; nWo 5pts
4 Rake'r def. Krabsea, Blue Moon, Wailee Fatal-4-Way Black Box match for the Hardcore Championship SACW 15pts ; nWo 15pts
5 nWo Bear def. Buni 2003 KOTR Match 3 SACW 15pts ; nWo 20pts
6 F'Jorn & J'Korn def. S'mores & Snowy Cage match for the World Tag-Team Championship SACW 30pts ; nWo 20pts
7 Kazooie def. Blue Moon 2003 KOTR Match 4 SACW 30pts ; nWo 25pts

December 1st Match Card Results

# Matches Stipulations Score
8 Buni def. Seel and Nanko Triple Threat Buried Alive match for the International Championship SACW 45pts ; nWo 25pts
9 Raed def. Rahlde Singles match SACW 45pts ; nWo 30pts
10 Leepeard def. Cheetsa Singles match SACW 45pts ; nWo 35pts
11 Janayah def. Cancar Singles match SACW 45pts ; nWo 40pts
12 Mankey def. Chanze and Panthar Triple Threat match SACW 45pts ; nWo 45pts
13 Effie & Mabel def. Sea Otter & Girafick Tag-Team Match SACW 45pts ; nWo 50pts
14 Batsy def. nWo Bear, Oreo, Kazooie Fatal-4-Way match for the 2003 KOTR SACW 50pts ; nWo 50pts
15 Rosie def. Rowdy Rage Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship SACW 150pts ; nWo 50pts
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