One Survivor

One Survivor is an annual event in SACW. One Survivor began in 1999 when SACW and WCW were at war with each other and as both federations clamored for an end, the event One Survivor was born. The name literally meaning there will only be One Survivor. Since then One Survivor has been used as SACW's premier event, as WrestleMania is WWE's premier event. As of January 2014 there have been 16 installments with a 17th installment that is scheduled to take place on February 15th, 2015.

One Survivor took place on December 19th, 1999.

Background: One Survivor featured 5 matches. The tagline for the inaugural event was: SACW vs. WCW

# Matches Stipulations
1 Krabsea def. Rahlde and Panthar Triple Threat match for SACW International Heavyweight Championship
2 Galoop & Batsy def. Panthar & Panthee, Seel & Wailee, Snowy & Girafick, Dogzee & Brainy 5x Tag-Team for SACW Tag-Team Championship
3 Nanko def. Dogzee, Claude, and Cheetsa Fatal-4-Way match for T.V. Championship
4 Rosie def. Brownee Hell in a Cell match for SACW World Heavyweight Championship
5 Team SACW def. Team WcW All Out Brawl
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