The New World Order (nWo for short) was a faction that invaded SACW twice on the behalf of the WWE.

At One Survivor III, SACW teamed with WCW to defeat the WWE which had purchased WCW and was intent on purchasing SACW as well. After One Survivor 3, nWo was formed by the WWE which invaded the SACW in 2002 which led to an all out war between SACW aligned superstars and nWo aligned superstars. At One Survivor 4 the nWo would go on to defeat the SACW and would later form the SAWO from what was left of the nWo and SACW rosters. However in 2003, the SACW would return and invade SAWO programming which led to a confrontation between SAWO and SACW at One Survivor V.

The nWo would make a final invasion in 2004 which led to a confrontation at One Survivor VI where the SACW would defeat and put away the nWo once and for all. A year later in 2005, the WWE would go on to defeat and purchase SACW at One Survivor 7.

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