King Of The Ring (KOTR) is an annual event that was established in 1999. Originally the event gave the winning superstar a shot at any championship of 7their choosing at the event they won the KOTR, or the next event in that year. In 2003 this changed and the winning superstar is granted a six month contract at any championship of their choosing.

The KOTR has always been about variety and difference. Each KOTR has been different than the previous, due to the layout of the matches, number of matches/superstars.

To date Brownee and F'Jorn are the only two superstars to have won the KOTR twice.

1999 KOTR
2000 KOTR
2001 KOTR
2002 KOTR
2003 KOTR
2004 KOTR
2005 KOTR
2006 KOTR
2007 KOTR
2008 KOTR
2009 KOTR
2010 KOTR
2011 KOTR
2012 KOTR
2013 KOTR
2014 KOTR

To see the winners for the KOTR events, please see the Yearly Events page.

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