Debut 09/09/98
Retired 02/15/15
Tenure 17 Years
Hall of Fame 2015
Title Reigns 34

Wrestling History


Kazooie debuted in SACW on the September 9th, 1998 edition of Wednesday Night Blizzard where he won the International Championship also becoming the first International Champion. Two weeks later he would team with Brownee on the September 23rd edition of Wednesday Night Blizzard and both superstars would defeat Panthar and Panthee to win the World Tag-Team Championship. A month later on the October 21st edition of Wednesday Night Blizzard, Kazooie would defend but lose his International Championship to Nanko in a triple threat match. At Halloween Maddness on October 25th, Brownee and Kazooie defended and retained their World Tag Team Championship. However on the November 18th edition of Wednesday Night Blizzard, Kazooie and Brownee lost their World Tag Team Championship to Panthar and Panthee in a triple threat tag team match along with Rahlde and Mankey. Kazooie's final appearance in 1998 was on the December 30th edition of Wednesday Night Blizzard where he defeated Dogzee in singles action.

Kazooie started the year 1999 off teaming with Rosie and Nanko on the January 3rd edition of Monday Night Fallout defeating Buni, Brainy and Dogzee in a six man tag team match. At this point in time Kazooie and Nanko formed a stable called Natural Born Killers this stable would last many years in SACW. On the January 11th edition of Monday Night Fallout, Kazooie and the Natural Born Killers faced off against Brainy in a slobber knocker match, however the stable was defeated. The following week, on the January 18th edition of Monday Night Fallout, Kazooie faced off against Dogzee for the World Heavyweight Championship, however Kazooie lost the match.

Superstar Statistics


World Heavyweight Championship (5x)
SACW Heavyweight Championship (1x)
U.S. Heavyweight Championship (2x)

Tag Team
World Tag-Team Championship (6x)
National Tag-Team Championship (2x)
3-Man Tag-Team Championship (9x)

Light Heavyweight Championship (1x)
International Championship (3x)

European Championship (2x)
T.V. Championship (1x)
Extreme Championship (2x)



Triple Crown Champion
Grand Slam Champion
Year End Champion
Royal Rumble (2007)
King Of The Ring (2011)

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