Ironman Controversy

The Ironman Controversey was a major incident in SACW that happened at One Survivor VI in a match between Rosie and Buni.

Rosie and Buni were in a sixty minute iron man match for the U.S. Heavyweight Championship and Hardcore Championship. Near the match end, both superstars had two wins on the scoreboard, with five seconds remaining on the clock, Rosie tapped out, however the referee was distracted by a member of the Unstoppable Revolution stable.

The next night on Aftermath, video footage was shown of Rosie tapping out to Buni's signature submission hold. SACW management temporarily reversed Rosie's win at One Survivor and said that both Rosie and Buni would have a rematch at Revenge.

However a week before Revenge, a superstar came forward and showed the video evidence had been faked. Rosie's win at One Survivor was reinstated, however her and Buni still faced each other in an Iron Man match at Revenge.

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