Inferno Match

The Inferno Match made its debut in 1999.

# Date Event Results Wager
1 03/21/99 Chaos Rahlde def. Cheetsa None
2 10/26/03 Halloween Maddness Buni def. Kawooie International Championship
3 01/23/05 One Survivor 7 Dogzee def. Squirn None
4 01/21/07 One Survivor IX J'Korn def. F'Jorn Light Heavyweight Championship
5 01/21/07 One Survivor IX Rosie def. Brownee None
6 11/18/07 ColdWave Kawooie def. Rowdy Rage None
7 07/13/08 HeatWave Buni def. Dogzee World Heavyweight Championship
8 09/16/12 Fall Breakout Rosie def. Funloon None
9 01/19/14 One Survivor 16 Mawne def. Granite European Championship Intercontinental Championship
10 07/27/14 HeatWave Buni def. Joules World Heavyweight Championship
11 09/28/14 Fall Breakout nWo Bear def. Kazooie SACW Heavyweight Championship
12 06/21/15 Extreme Chaos Dogzee def. Orion SACW Heavyweight Championship
13 07/26/15 HeatWave Python def. Raed Apex Championship
14 03/20/16 Spring Thawout Brownee def. Chetzo SACW Heavyweight Championship
15 11/27/16 ColdWave Mojo def. Bulldogg, Thumper Attitude Championship
16 12/18/16 Frozen Solid Sputnik def. Sarek SACW Heavyweight Championship

SACW Matches

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