Hot Water Scalding

A Hot Water Scalding match as the name implies, the only way to win is to scald your opponent in hot water. The ring ropes are taken off, and boiling hot water in set into tubs around the ring. Much like an inferno match placement. The only way to win is to fully submerge your opponent into the tubs. The match is #4 on the most brutal matches in SACW history.

Date Event Result Notes
05/25/05 One Night Only Blue Moon def. Baloo None
02/18/07 Revenge F'Jorn def. Rowdy Rage (C) Cruiserweight Championship
03/26/07 Slamboree Nowl, Tremp'd, J'Korn, Buni defeated Soak None
08/24/07 Blizzard Rowdy Rage def. Baloo None
08/26/07 Extreme Chaos Bunci def. Wailee (C) and nWo Bear World Heavyweight Championship
10/28/07 CyberSlam Nowl & Tremp'd def. Rosie & Brownee (C) World Tag Team Championship
01/20/08 One Survivor 10 Jawz (C) def. Umante (C) and Chessy (C) Light Heavyweight Championship International Championship Cruiserweight Championship
07/27/08 CyberSlam nWo Bear, Brownee, Cinnamon def. Buni, Rosie, F'Jorn (C) 3 Man Tag Team Championship
11/23/08 ColdWave Vipr & Tyrun def. Orion & Blue Moon World Tag Team Championship
12/24/08 Magnitude Brainy def. Leepeard and Mojo None
04/19/09 Chaos Chanze def. Batsy (C), Y'ronse, Charm, Sooter, Sea Otter, Golfur Cruiserweight Championship
07/15/12 HeatWave Nowl def. Rowdy Rage, Mojo, Tremp'd None
01/19/14 One Survivor 16 Pawne (C) def. Rowdy Rage, Sputnik World Heavyweight Championship
07/25/14 Mayhem Dogzee def. Nanko, Baloo
07/27/14 HeatWave Nanko def. Sharkey (C), Dogzee, Baloo World Heavyweight Championship
02/15/15 One Survivor 17 Cobra def. Funloon (C), Chessy Intensity Championship

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