Author: KildtOne (Owner of SACW)

Birth Era

1998 - 2001

SACW began on September 9th, 1998 as a for fun side hobby federation that was composed of stuffed wrestlers, stuffed animals and action figures. The federation was built upon my brother and I and a few kids around the neighborhood. We all grew up on wrestling, watching WCW and then WWE after the Invasion of 2001.

SACW was preceeded by a shortlived federation called PWL or Pokemon Wrestling League which used stuffed pokemon animal thingies that were used as wrestlers. But that federation is rarely known, and is completely obscured, but it did exist.

SACW superstars weren't given real names, they were made up names, and mostly via imagination, however a few superstars did keep their names from PWL (Batsy for example) some superstars had names that were based on our real life likes and dislikes, for example, Blue Moon, since Blue Moon ice cream is my favorite.

Gender roles are virtually non existent, even though we refer to superstars as he and she, there really is no difference between the both. Hey women can enter the Royal Rumble in WWE and win the Hardcore Championship, then I should be able to make a federation where women fight men and men fight women, right? :P

SACW started out small, a hobby. We ran shows once a week, and events came sporadically. SACW kept going strong throughout the rest of 1998 and into 1999. My brother created a rival federation called SAWC and we battled it out and it ended at One Survivor with SACW winning.

Around this time the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW had begun, so we modeled an invasion of WCW with SACW. This invasion lasted throughout the rest of 1999 and into 2000, with the debut of One Survivor 2 where SACW beat the WCW.

SACW took breaks throughout these years, I don't recall the reasons, but I did enter high school in 2001, so that may have played a role. My brother stopped helping me out with the federation in 2002, and it became a part of my life. I didn't have a lot of friends growing up, was bullied a lot throughout school, wasn't a cool kid or popular, so SACW was an outlet to express my anger and frustration, especially in my teenager days. In 2001, WWE invaded the SACW for the first time, and WCW and SACW formed an alliance to battle the WWE. At One Survivor III, SACW and WCW defeated WWE.

SACW continued onwards into 2002. Which started a new era.

Chaos Era

2002 - 2005

The Chaos Era began in 2002 and ended in 2005 at One Survivor 7. The Chaos Era is the most noteworthy era in SACW history since it was considered a huge expansion to the overall attitude of the federation. With my teenage years roaring onwards, I continued the federation more intensely. It was an outlet for my pent up frustration.

SACW didn't last long in 2002. I was also in High School at the time, so SACW became more of a side hobby when I had time. Besides my parents were to fond of the "loud noises" coming from the basement. So it was kept to a minimum. In March 2002, One Survivor 4 erupted. nWo had invaded the SACW weeks earlier. It was later revealed in 2006 that the nWo invaded on the part of WWE, but we'll get to that later.

At One Survivor 4, SACW was handed its first lost and kayfabe purchased by the nWo/WWE. This move was actually the first in a few times I decided to let the federation rest as I was growing older with more responsibilities.

Late 2003 rolled around and I had a job. I was making money and decided I would bring back SACW part time. I made this entertainment production called FunTape

FunTape was an outlet to express my anger, frustration and just be a pure goofball. I did taped sessions. My brother helped me out and I even had some friends and family. I showed them off in school and it was quite a hit for a while. SACW was kayfabe purchased from nWo and brought back for a series of tapes called SACW Takeover. During this time, I kept getting tempted with having more "loud noise" erupt from the basement. At this point in time I began exploring internet use. But that wouldn't happen until 2006.

My brother helped me frequently with FunTape. Finally in September 2003, SACW invaded a show ran by nWo's federation SAWO. And that kicked off the road to One Survivor V.

SACW continued until October 2003 and than I quit the federation again. In late 2004, the federation restarted under the SACW name and FunTape no longer owned it. This time SACW invaded a WWE show and took out nWo members. Thus kicking off the road to [[[One Survivor VI]]

During this point I was 17 years old, reaching adulthood. I knew I couldn't keep up these childish acts for much longer. I set out a plan to end SACW once and for all in 2005.

Which is where that leads us to. In January 2005, WWE defeated SACW at [[[One Survivor 7]]. SACW did return twice for One Night Only events throughout the year, but nothing was heard from until 2006. The dawn of the internet era.

Internet Era

2006 - 2008

Throughout 2005, with SACW at rest, I finished up High School and became more involved on the internet. I created an online forum dedicated to the archival of SACW. I archived a lot of information there. Champions, rosters, matches, shows, events. I even contacted former neighborhood kids and talked to them. We decided to create an online e-fed that would merge SACW's past with the present. A new era was born for SACW.

In January 2006, our first event went live. One Survivor 8 which wasn't an invasion type of scenario, but it was more regarding the federation itself. The tagline for the event was Clash of the Champions. We recruited more members and implemented a basic RPG system into the forum. We took our superstars and had RPG battles, and the match results would be posted.

This was me, doing what I loved with people who enjoyed e-feds, testing new waters. This was early on, now a days its so advanced. I have my own program that determines match types and the winner/loser depending on their stats and win/loss record.

In 2007, we picked up pace and eventually moved to a new message board service called InvisionFree. We moved everything over, and started from there. A server failure took place and a lot of information was wiped. Though we did have backups, but we didn't backup everything. I decided to create a secondary board. One for our community, and one for shows/events. Both boards would have all SACW related information just in case.

One Survivor kept going, it was the prized possession of the federation. Rosie had a One Survivor streak, even a few superstars themselves obtained streaks.

In 2008, things started stalling. People began losing interest and I found my once lively community diminishing. Though to this day there are still a few loyal and dedicated followers.

Thus bringing in the downfall of the federation.

Downfall Era

2009 - 2010

In 2009, I had a computer failure that prevented me from accessing my admin account on our community board. Though I still had access to the show/events board. Thus that's where our community took a big hit, without the owner around and nobody else wiling to continue the federation, a lot of people left.

I still updated the show/events board throughout 2009 with the help of the few left on the community board. In 2010, that's where I decided to end it. There was no help from the support staff getting my locked account back. I was waiting a long time. In June 2010 I decided to bury SACW. But I kept in contact with my board members. Who remained loyal and supported me throughout those two years of torment.

Termination Era

2011 - 2013

In 2011, I finally was given access to my admin account. I was in full control of my community once again. To commemorate the celebration, I brought SACW back for a final run leading to One Survivor XIII in October 2011. SACW continued until January 2012 with One Survivor 14 interestingly enough, several former board members showed up and began participating again.

I stopped SACW after One Survivor 14, to finish the wiki project and also give myself and others time to flesh out storylines. SACW picked back up on April 16th, 2012 and will continue until One Survivor XV in January 2013.

The future of SACW looks to be more part time than full time. Myself and other members agree that a 6-7 month season is good for SACW.

It was decided in December 2012 that SACW would finally cease to exist partially in January 2013. One Survivor XV heralding the finale of SACW with a special tribute show on January 30th, 2013. After 15 long years I have had enough of running and maintaining this federation, I'm older and things are getting more and more complicated in my life, and its time to let this great empire rest. However SACW related events and shows shall continue, though not as often as they used to be. Once a month or once every 2-3 months.

Redux Era

2013 - Present

After One Survivor XV, talk about bringing back SACW went on for several months. At a point in October 2013, I decided to bring back SACW and keep it going for as long as I can. SACW was brought back in a new form, keeping the previous history intact, but a reboot of sorts. SACW retreated back to the Chaos Era, along with the Brand Split. Its now 2014 and all is good and going smoothly.

- KildtOne ~SACW Owner~


- SACW actually stands for Stuffed Animal Championship Wrestling. However since 2009, the acronym SACW is used.
- SACW's One Survivor record is 6-2
- Rosie's One Survivor streak wasn't noticed until she was 8-0.
- Skorpion is the superstar name of the SACW owner
- SACW held a joint event Super Fall Brawl III with a now defunct federation called Stuffed Toy Wrestling that was ran by a man in Australia.

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