Hell In A Cell

The Hell in a Cell match made its debut at One Survivor on December 19th, 1999. It distanced itself from a traditional cage match, as the cage itself was an enclosed cell structure and instead of chain link fence used in regular cages, the cell was made up from steel and iron mesh like bars. This was to ensure that nobody could escape the hideous structure. As of October 2013, there have been 29 Hell in a Cell matches.

# Date Event Results Wager
1 12/19/99 One Survivor Rosie def. Brownee World Heavyweight Championship
2 02/27/00 Devastation Kazooie def. Rosie, Nanko and Buni World Heavyweight Championship
3 03/25/01 Payback Buni & Blue Moon def. Bulldogg & Cinnamon World Tag Team Championship
4 04/29/01 One Survivor 3 Rosie def. Sharkey International Championship
5 03/10/02 One Survivor 4 Nowl def. Chetzo World Heavyweight Championship
6 10/26/03 Halloween Maddness F'Jorn & J'Korn def. Loke'r & Rake'r, Dogzee & Brainy World Tag Team Championship
7 10/30/04 Halloween Maddness Rosie def. Buni U.S. Heavyweight Championship
8 12/19/04 One Survivor 6 Brownee def. Baloo World Heavyweight Championship
9 02/25/06 Revenge Buni, F'Jorn, J'Korn def. Brownee, Rosie, Kazooie None
10 03/25/06 Spring Thawout Chetzo & Cheetsa def. Brownee & Dogzee World Tag Team Championship
11 05/27/07 Devastation Loony def. Buni Hardcore Championship
12 07/29/07 HeatWave Mawne & Pawne def. Rackoonie & Leepeard National Tag Team Championship
13 09/23/07 Fall Breakout Brownee def. Kazooie Extreme Championship
14 10/14/07 Halloween Maddness Effie def. Mankey, Flow'r, Chessy WCW World Championship
15 01/20/08 One Survivor 10 Rosie def. Sosa Bear World Heavyweight Championship
16 06/22/08 Super Fall Brawl IV Nanko & Kazooie def. Pawne & Mawne National Tag Team Championship
17 07/13/08 HeatWave Koroki & Umante def. Nanko & Kazooie National Tag Team Championship
18 07/13/08 HeatWave Squirn & Sea Otter def. Bulldogg & Janayah World Tag Team Championship
19 07/27/08 CyberSlam Chessy & Mojo def. Koroki & Umante National Tag Team Championship
20 09/07/08 Fall Breakout Buni def. F'Jorn World Heavyweight Championship
21 12/14/08 Frozen Solid Rosie def. Funloon 2008 CITB
22 03/22/09 Spring Thawout Nanko def. Rosie, Buni, F'Jorn U.S. Heavyweight Championship
23 07/26/09 HeatWave Sputnik def. Ballo, Brainy, Tremp'd World Heavyweight Championship
24 07/26/09 HeatWave Orion def. Mawne, Krabsea, Panthar U.S. Heavyweight Championship
25 09/20/09 Fall Breakout J'Korn def. Rosie World Heavyweight Championship
26 06/27/10 Retribution Nanko def. Rosie World Heavyweight Championship
27 07/09/12 Magnitude Wailee def. Rosie, Buni, F'Jorn, J'Korn, Seel None
28 09/17/12 Fall Breakout Buni def. J'Korn and F'Jorn World Heavyweight Championship and SACW Heavyweight Championship
29 10/06/13 Super Fall Brawl VI Orion def. Dogzee and S'mores World Heavyweight Championship
30 01/19/14 One Survivor 16 Dogzee def. Brownee, Buni World Heavyweight Championship
31 12/28/14 Frozen Solid Blue Moon def. Baloo, Dogzee, Kazooie, nWo Bear, J'Korn SACW Heavyweight Championship
32 02/15/15 One Survivor 17 Ugonzo def. Sully None
33 12/27/15 Frozen Solid Rawral def. nWo Bear, Viper SACW Heavyweight Championship
34 02/28/16 One Survivor 18 Joules & Ugonzo def. Raed & Rayne World Tag Team Championship
35 07/24/16 HeatWave Nowl def. Chessy 2016 CITB
36 06/25/17 Super Fall Brawl 10 Rosie def. Chetzar World Heavyweight Championship
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