Frozen Solid 2008

Frozen Solid 2008 was the second Frozen Solid event, it took place on December 14th, 2008 and had a total of 8 matches.

# Matches Stipulations
1 Panthar & Panthee def. Vipr & Tyrun Tag Team match for the World Tag Team Championship
2 Batsy def. Charm, Sputnik Triple Threat Casket match for the Cruiserweight Championship
3 Buni def. Mawne, Seekar, Seel, Nowl, Sea Otter Fatal-6-Way Elimination Cage match for the Extreme Championship
4 Raed & nWo Bear def. Doggay & Brainy, Iglu & Y'ronse Triple Threat Tag Team match for the National Tag Team Championship
5 Rosie def. Funloon Hell in a Cell match
6 J'Korn def. Kazooie, Mawne, Tyrun Fatal-4-Way Extreme match for the World Heavyweight Championship
7 Baloo def. Rowdy Rage, Sharkey, Cinnamon Fatal-4-Way TLC match for the U.S. Heavyweight Championship
8 F'Jorn def. Rawral, Bellon, Koroki, Nowl, Zeebrew, Wailee, Brainy 8-Man Elimination Chamber
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