Elimination Chamber

The Elimination Chamber is a match that made its debut at Friday Night Blizzard on March 27th, 2008. Unlike the elimination chamber in WWE, all contestants start out in the ring at the same time and the only way to eliminate a superstar is by submission. However in a tag team elimination chamber match, pinfall is added along with submission for win options. As of October 2013 there have been ten Elimination Chamber matches.

# Date Event Results Wager
1 03/27/08 Blizzard Girafick def. Shalle, Thumper, Viper, Squirn, Maroon International Championship
2 04/20/08 Chaos Orion def. Rosie, F'Jorn, Cheetsa, Applar, Jawz None
3 07/27/08 CyberSlam Seekar, Wailee, J'Korn def. Dogzee, Doggay, Sharkey and Pawne, Mawne, Tremp'd 3 Man Tag Team Championship
4 12/14/08 Frozen Solid F'Jorn def. Rawral, Bellon, Koroki, Nowl, Zeebrew, Wailee None
5 01/25/09 One Survivor 11 Rowdy Rage, Cinnamon, Nanko def. Bunci, Thumper, Blue Moon 3 Man Tag Team Championship
6 02/22/09 Revenge Orion def. Buni, Krabsea, Sosa Bear, Seel, Golfur Extreme Championship
7 04/19/09 Chaos Kazooie def. Buni, Girafick, Pyro, Pawne, Rackoonie None
8 04/19/09 Chaos Rosie def. Baloo, Jawz, Nanko, Sputnik, Umante None
9 02/10/10 Magnitude Cheetsa, Raed, Funloon def. Mojo, Shalle, Seekar None
10 07/15/12 HeatWave Rosie & J'Korn def. Buni, F'Jorn, Seel, Wailee World Heavyweight Championship SACW Heavyweight Championship World Tag Team Championship
11 12/29/13 Majestic Massacre Pawne def. Rowdy Rage, Dogzee, Nanko, Chetzo, Kazooie World Heavyweight Championship
12 12/29/13 Majestic Massacre Brownee def. Buni, Rawral, Sputnik, Mentril, Blue Moon SACW Heavyweight Championship
13 01/31/16 Majestic Massacre Orion def. Dogzee, Kawooie, Cinnamon, Sputnik, Chessy World Heavyweight Championship
14 01/31/16 Majestic Massacre Brownee def. Rawral, Baloo, Sarek, Chetzo, Okran SACW Heavyweight Championship
15 01/29/17 Majestic Massacre Sharkey def. F'Jorn, Brownee, Chetzo, Raed, Toony, Bulldogg, Funloon World Heavyweight Championship SACW Heavyweight Championship
16 03/26/17 Spring Thawout Orion def. Sarek, nWo Bear, Sharkey, Dogzee, Funloon SACW Heavyweight Championship

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