Buried Alive

The Buried Alive match in SACW is one of the more lesser brutal matches. The match was first inspired in 1999 as a career ending match, but over the years has moved over to just a feud ender match.

It made its first debut in 1999 and since has been one of the most actively used matches in the history of SACW.

# Date Event Results Wager
1 01/17/99 Revenge Birdsee def. Skrappy Career vs. Career
2 03/25/01 Payback Seel def. Rahlde T.V. Championship
3 09/23/01 Retribution Nanko def. Brownee World Heavyweight Championship
4 10/26/03 Halloween Maddness Rosie def. Rosey None
5 11/30/03 One Survivor V Buni def. Seel, Nanko International Championship
6 11/27/04 Devastation Galoop def. Batsy, Cheetsa, Rahlde None
7 11/27/04 Devastation Brownee def. Baloo World Heavyweight Championship
8 01/23/05 One Survivor 7 Nowl, Tremp'd, Buni def. Mabel, Loke'r, Rake'r None
9 03/25/06 Spring Thawout Blue Moon def. Orion, Bunci Cruiserweight Championship
10 05/27/07 Devastation Kazooie def. Brownee International Championship
11 09/23/07 Fall Breakout Nowl & Tremp'd def. Sharkey & Spice World Tag Team Championship
12 10/14/07 Halloween Maddness F'Jorn & J'Korn def. Panthar & Panthee WCW Tag Team Championship
13 12/16/07 Frozen Solid Rosie def. Doffer Super Heavyweight Championship
14 04/20/08 Chaos Rackoonie def. Dogzee U.S. Heavyweight Championship
15 05/25/08 Devastation Girafick def. Sputnik International Championship
16 07/13/08 HeatWave Nowl def. Chessy Extreme Championship Cruiserweight Championship
17 10/26/08 Halloween Maddness J'Korn def. Brownee, Buni World Heavyweight Championship
18 01/25/09 One Survivor 11 Galoop & Batsy vs. Cinnamon & Jawz Match was a draw
19 06/21/09 Retribution J'Korn def. Rosie None
20 08/23/09 Extreme Chaos Sputnik def. Raed, Rackoonie World Heavyweight Championship
21 05/13/12 Super Fall Brawl V J'Korn def. Sharkey, Rosie World Heavyweight Championship U.S. Heavyweight Championship
22 09/28/14 Fall Breakout Buni vs. Sarek Match was a draw
23 12/28/14 Frozen Solid Ugonzo def. Sully Intensity Championship
24 02/28/16 One Survivor 18 Brownee def. nWo Bear SACW Heavyweight Championship
25 07/24/16 HeatWave Ugonzo def. Dogzee SACW Heavyweight Championship
26 02/26/17 One Survivor 19 Rosie def. Chetzo Streak vs. Career

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