Debut 01/03/99
Retired 02/15/15
Tenure 16 Years
Title Reigns 46
OS Record 7-8
SFB Record 7-0
RR Won 2008
KOTR Won 2015

Wrestling History


Buni debuted in SACW on the January 3rd, 1999 edition of Monday Night Fallout teaming with Brainy and Dogzee to take on Rosie, Kazooie, and Nanko in a six man tag team match, Buni fought vailantly for her debut, however she and her teammates fell victim to Rosie and her teammates and they lost the match. This match would ignite a bond between Buni and Rosie which would last for years to come.


Signature Moves

Alabama Slam

Finishing Moves

Bunny Slam
Swift Justice

Entrance Music

Phantom Lord - Metallica [1999 - 2001]
The Game - Drowning Pool [2002 - 2005] [2015 - 2018]
King of Kings - Motörhead [2006 - 2014]

Superstar Statistics


World Heavyweight Championship (9x)
SACW Heavyweight Championship (3x)
U.S. Heavyweight Championship (2x)

Tag Team
World Tag-Team Championship (9x)
3-Man Tag-Team Championship (7x)

Light Heavyweight Championship (1x)
International Championship (2x)
Cruiserweight Championship (1x)

European Championship (1x)
Hardcore Championship (7x)
T.V. Championship (1x)
Extreme Championship (1x)

Streak Championship (1x)
Fusion Championship (1x)


Grand Slam Champion
Year End Champion
2013 Hall of Fame

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