Brand Split

The Brand Split was a major event that took place in February 2007 and lasted five years, officially ending at Super Fall Brawl V on May 14th, 2012. Its roots began in 2006, after the resurrection of SACW at One Survivor 8. There were over sixty superstars on the active roster, and a few active championships and only two shows. Slamboree and Blizzard. To make ends meet, SACW initiated a brand split, that made Slamboree and Blizzard separate shows, with their own superstar rosters.

Originally the World Heavyweight Championship, World Tag-Team Championship and 3-Man Tag-Team Championship were contested under both brands, with each brand having their own minor championships. Over time, however, both would obtain their own primary and tag team championships.

Over the course of the five year brand split, Slamboree and Blizzard would wage ratings wars with each other, superstars would defect to either brand, shows would get their own matches at events and at one point in time, there was consideration to make Slamboree and Blizzard have their own events, however this never passed the planning stages. Superstars were originally allowed only to appear on their designated show, there were times however this restriction was lifted.

In the later years of the brand split, championships started to be defended on both brands, with superstars appearing on both. The brand split came to a head on the April 16th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude when SACW Owner poof made an announcement regarding the future of the split. This historic announcement would become known as the Brand Merge.

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