Brand Merge

The Brand Merge was a historic event in SACW that marked the end of the brand split. The merger of both shows, rosters and championships was announced on the 04/16/12 edition of Monday Night Magnitude. It ended at Super Fall Brawl V on 05/14/12.

Transcript of the announcement poof made on the 04/16/12 edition of Monday Night Magnitude.

Skorpion: Tonight marks a final chapter in SACW, but a new chapter as well. Five years ago, I decided to create a brand split. We had over 60 superstars on the roster, too many for two shows. We also had too few championships. I decided to make Slamboree and Blizzard separate and unique shows. Both had their own rosters, championships and even at one time we considered their own events. Tonight I am announcing that the rosters and championships will be merged in what will be known as the brand merge. As of this moment, Slamboree and Blizzard are retired. Magnitude will take their place as a weekly show featuring the variety of superstars and championships in SACW. At Super Fall Brawl V, on May 13th, 2012, we will see the World Heavyweight Championship and U.S. Heavyweight Championship unified. Also the World Tag-Team Championship and National Tag-Team Championship will too be unified.

At Super Fall Brawl V, the merge will come to an end. Marking a historic night for everyone.

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