Debut 09/23/98
Retired 04/23/14
Tenure 16 Years
Title Reigns 2

Wrestling History


1998 - 2001

Barnie made his SACW debut on the September 23rd, 1998 edition of Wednesday Night Blizzard participating in #1 Contender fatal 4 way cage match, however he was unable to secure a victory. Barnie's early days in SACW were more to provide comic relief in the chaotic atmosphere of the Beginning Era. However there were times he got serious and down to business, as was such when on the November 4th edition of Wednesday Night Blizzard he won the International Championship in a triple threat match defeating Nanko and Kazooie. Barnie's final appearance in 1998 was on the December 16th edition of Wednesday Night Blizzard where he teamed with Skrappy in a #1 Contender tag team match, however he and Skrappy didn't win.

Barnie started 1999 off with a huge upset win over Rosie on the January 11th edition of Monday Night Fallout. His tag team partner Birdsee came in and distracted Rosie and Barnie got the win. However after the match, Rosie tore apart both superstars. At Revenge on January 17th, Barnie faced off against Rosie for her T.V. Championship however Birdsee interfered and accidentally cost Barnie the match. After the match a furious Barnie attacked Birdsee. The next night on the January 18th edition of Monday Night Fallout, Barnie defeated Birdsee in singles action. For the rest of 1999, Barnie would compete in various matches. Not joining in any feuds or title matches. However this would change in 2000 where Barnie and Birdsee reconciled with each other and would briefly team up and dominate the tag team division. Throughout the next several months leading to One Survivor 2 both won numerous tag team matches. At One Survivor 2 on March 26th, Barnie and Birdsee defeated Buni and Blue Moon in a No DQ tag team match.

Barnie would only make a single appearance in 2001. Where he defeated Mojo in a singles match on the June 6th edition of Wednesday Night Blizzard. Barnie would make no more appearances in SACW until 2007. No reason was ever given for his disappearance between 2001 and 2007. Though his erratic behavior in 2007 might hold a few clues.

2007 - 2012

Barnie would return to SACW after a six year absence on the November 26th, 2007 edition of Monday Night Slamboree where he defeated Thumper in singles action. After the match he ranted and raved about defending SACW from the onslaught of the WWE. For the next several weeks leading to Frozen Solid he would continue to rant and rave about protecting the SACW from being destroyed by the WWE. However his gimmick didn't go over well and was quickly silenced at Frozen Solid where he participated in a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship however Rosie would win the match and give an End Is Now to Barnie off the top of the stage. This was Barnie's final appearance in 2007. Barnie made no appearances in 2008, however he did return for a one time deal in 2009 on the SACW 11th Anniversary defeating Mojo in singles action on the September 9th edition of Magnitude. Barnie's next appearance in SACW would be two years later, where he participated in a fatal 4 way match for the Hardcore Championship on the October 24th, 2011 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, however he didn't win the match. Barnie would return to SACW a year later and face off against Birdsee and Mojo in a triple threat match on the December 17th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Magnitude, however he lost the match.


Barnie would return to SACW after a two year absence appearing on the January 1st edition of Wednesday Night WCW where he and Birdsee teamed up to take on Cheetsa and Galoop for the WCW Tag-Team Championship however Barnie and Birdsee failed to win the match and titles. Barnie would compete in various matches for the duration of his tenure on the recently reinstated WCW brand. In May 2014, WCW went defunct, however Barnie instead decided to stay off the active roster and will make appearances at a future date.

Superstar Statistics



Tag Team

Light Heavyweight Championship (1x)
International Championship (1x)



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