All Out Brawl

An All Out Brawl match is one of the most special matches in SACW history. Most times it has been used are at a One Survivor event, to determine the winner between federations. Although it has been used for rival teams as well. All Out Brawls are like a tornado tag match, however there are up to 12 superstars for each team and they fight it out, until two are left standing. When two are left standing, the match turns into a traditional singles match, and the two fight it out until there is a winner.

Number Date Result Event
I 10/25/98 Kitty Kat Coral Capers defeated The Birdsees and Koka Kola Bears Halloween Maddness
II 12/19/99 Team SACW defeated Team WCW One Survivor
III 03/26/00 Team SACW defeated Team SAWC One Survivor 2
IV 03/25/01 Team WCW defeated Team WWE Payback
V 04/29/01 Team SACW defeated Team WWE One Survivor 3
VI 03/10/02 Team nWo defeated Team SACW One Survivor 4
VII 12/19/04 Team SACW defeated Team nWo One Survivor 6
VIII 01/23/05 Team WWE defeated Team SACW One Survivor 7
IX 01/21/07 Team SACW defeated Team SAWL One Survivor 9
X 11/18/07 E-Factor defeated The Miniatures & Filth Doggyz ColdWave
XI 05/12/08 Team Baloo defeated Team Funloon Mangitude
XII 05/11/09 Team Nanko defeated Team Buni Monday Night Slamboree

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