2010 Kotr

The 2010 King Of The Ring was the twelfth annual KOTR. It is currently the largest KOTR ever constructed as it features thirty two superstars fighting off in a 16 man vs. 16 man style bracket. Like the 2007 and 2008 KOTR's both Slamboree and Blizzard would battle their own rosters. The unique quality besides thirty two superstars was the finale match being for the first time a fatal four way, with two Slamboree superstars and two Blizzard superstars battling to determine the 2010 King Of The Ring at Chaos on 04/25/10 . Qualifying matches began for Slamboree on 03/03/10 and ended on 04/25/10, while qualifying matches for Blizzard began on 03/03/10 and ended on 04/25/10.

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